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Dust Allied Light Assault Walker Platoon

Allied Light Assault Walker Platoon "The Light Assault Walker (LAW) chassis is one of the most commonly found in the grand Allied Army. These vehicles are usually used for reconnaissance mission or flank the enemy while heavier walkers do the heavy lifting. But they can be a potent strike force when deployed in numbers. " Command Unit (Required) Any M1 Light Assault Walker Combat Unit 1 (Required) Any M1 Light Assault Walker Combat Unit 2 (Required) Any M1 Light Assault Walker Support Units (Optional) Any M1 Light Assault Walker LAW pilots are considered slightly unhinged for being willing to go to war in a LAW in the first place; LAW platoons only recruit volunteers. LAWs have often been the saviour of many an infantry company when heavier support was unavailable. Over time veteran LAW pilots become one with their machines, gaining such control over the walkers they could play football with them. The famed LAW platoon, the Hollywood Vipers remains the

Return to Zverograd: Ground Zero - Scenarios

Here are the two scenarios for RTZ: Ground Zero on 11.11.2018 at SOGCon 2018 Mat from Deepcut Studios Scenario #1 Beach Assault It has been months since Allied forces occupied the sliver of a beach on the eastern bank of the Old Town region of Zverograd. This coastline while small, afforded a defensible position and proved impossible to dig out with artillery strikes or air bombing. It has proved immensely useful as the staging ground for the Ninth Army, namely the 4th Marines Division and the 8th Ranger Battalion, for their incursion into Zverograd. All that may change tonight as an Enemy has launched a surprise attack from the seaside, and intent on overwhelm the Allies with speed and firepower. Will they succeed or will the Allies hold? Rules 1. Game lasts for 6 turns only. 1. Aircrafts cannot take or hold objectives. 2. Allies are the Defender in this scenario. 3. Gridless play Setup Allies have a Dual Phaser Bunker (or 2 for games over 125AP) which they can plac


Jagdluther The sPz. KpfL. IV-A “JagdLuther” is armed with a pair of 7.5 cm FpK 42 L/70. It’s a longer version of the old 7.5 cm gun, deadlier and more accurate. It’s even more powerful than the first “8.8” used on early Tiger tanks! With its weapons the “JagdLuther” can destroy armoured targets up to two kilometres away. It’s the bane of all vehicles. Variant Rule All Jagdluther and variants gain Dual Anti-tank Guns: Penetrating . The months of field testing has allowed Axis engineers to correct some structural issues with its twin guns making them even deadlier than before.

Return to Zverograd Rules and Guidelines

Here are the RTZ rules and guidelines for play. 1. Unified Save Rules are in effect. Note the small rules update to Steel Guard Saves and Zombies with regard to Saves. 2. The following units gain the Heavy Duty skill. It is not an exhaustive list; do let us know if we have missed out any! The main purpose of Heavy Duty (Structural Save) is to better reflect the hardiness of certain units for campaign play. Axis All Gorilla Units All Heavy Grenadier Units in power armour Lara Allies All Heavy Ranger and Heavy Commando Units in power armour (including Heroes) Steel Marines SSU None at the moment. Mercs None at the moment. 3. All walkers of the following Blocs with armour class 2-4, which do not have Damage Resilient gain the Partial Damage Resilient skill: Axis Allies Mercs Units which already have Damage Resilient ignore this rule. 4. Each Player must field a Faction army (at least 75% Faction, up to 25% Bloc as per the rules) or a Bloc army (as per Dust 194

SSU Red Guards Platoon

SSU Red Guards Platoon Command (Required) Red Guards Command Squad Combat Unit 1 (Required) R&d Guards Assault Squad OR Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) R&d Guards Assault Squad OR Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad Combat Unit 3 (Required) R&d Guards Assault Squad OR Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad Support Units  (Optional) Platoon Advantage: Wave Attack (modified) During first X Turns of the game, roll a die each time a Soldier is eliminated from a Red Guards Infantry Unit. On a roll of [BLOC] a replacement comes forward and the Soldier is returned to play. X is 2/3s of the max stated turns of the game rounded up. Example, in a 6 Turn, X is 2 Turns. In a 7 Turn game, X is 3 Turns.

Allied Medium Combat Walker Platoon

Allied Medium Combat Walker Platoon Command (Required) Any Allied M2/M3 Medium Walker Combat Unit 1 (Required) Any Allied M2/M3 Medium Walker Combat Unit 2 (Required) Any Allied M2/M3 Medium Walker Support Units   (Optional) PLATOON ADVANTAGE: GRAB THEM BY THE NOSE Coming soon! Alternate Platoon Advantage: Step by Step The Command walker in the platoon gains, as a free Action, Get Moving You Bunch of Monkeys to be used on any (but limited to) M2/M3 Medium Combat Walker in or supporting the Platoon. This Special Action succeeds on a [BLOC] or [TARGET]

Dust - Skills

Here is a consolidated list of Skills in Dust 1947. Still a work in progress. A player must declare that a Unit is using a skill before rolling any dice that might be modified by that Skill. Unless otherwise stated, Skills possessed by a Hero apply to a Unit they have joined, and Skills possessed by a Unit apply to a Hero that has joined their Unit. If a Hero and Unit possess the same Skill, it is not doubled in effectiveness nor do they gain a second use of the Skill. If the Skill may be used only once per game, the Hero and the Unit use it at the same time. ACE AIR PILOT A Hero with the Ace Air Pilot Skill rolls a die when the Aircraft that they are piloting Activates. On a[BLOC]or[TARGET] the Aircraft gains a third Action for this Activation. A Hero with the Ace Air Pilot Skill does not share it with any Unit they Join. ACE PILOT A Hero with the Ace Pilot skill rolls a die when the Vehicle that they are piloting Activates. On a[BLOC]or[TARGET]the Vehicle gains a third Action

Dust - Unified Save Rules

Dust - Unified Save Rules We will be updating the Save rules once we get our hands on rail gun weapons rules. A Save is a target unit's reaction to Hits. Unless otherwise noted, Saves of the same type do not stack; example, you cannot get Evade and Improved Evade Save. For Infantry units, Cover and Infantry Saves are mutually exclusive unless otherwise stated. Here are the six types of Saves in Dust 1947. (Structural and Improved Structural Save are not in the official rules) Evade Save The player rolls a die for each Hit their Target Unit received. Each [BLOC] rolled negates one Hit. Evade Save happens before Cover/infantry Save.  Improved Evade Save The player rolls a die for each Hit their Target Unit received. Each [BLOC] or [SHIELD] rolled negates one Hit. Improved Evade Save happens before Cover/infantry Save.  Cover Save For an Infantry Unit in Cover, the player rolls a die for each Hit their Target Infantry Unit received. Each

Dust - Special Weapons

Copyright Paolo Parente and Dust Studio Special Weapons Some Weapons are subject to additional rules that represent their combat effects. These combat effects may be the result of VK-enhanced technology (i.e. Laser Weapons) or a function of how they operate (i.e. Grenade Weapons). The following are some common Special Weapons and the rules that govern their use. Artillery Weapons Artillery Weapons bombard the battlefield with huge shells that deliver massive payloads of explosives, damaging everything within their blast radius. These weapons can either fire at a Target Point they can see or be fired remotely by an Artillery Observer Unit with Line of Sight to the Target Point. Artillery Weapons are fired in a high-reaching arc, allowing them shoot over Buildings, Vehicles, Walls, and other Terrain. Artillery Weapons cannot be fired from inside Buildings or Bunkers. Artillery Weapons have a Range of X-X, with the first number indicating their minimum Range and the second num

USMC War Dog Recon Squad

USMC War Dog Recon Squad The United States Marine Corps (USMC) has arrived! The Allies are in North Africa and the Middle East for good, and no-one is going to kick these Marines out! The fiercest fighting force on the planet is not easily scared or defeated, there's not much these guys haven't seen already in this war. The USMC uses dedicated canine squads for reconnaissance missions, but these dogs don't back out of a fight if need be! The squad is presented here in Babylon camouflage pattern, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947. Unit Card Variant Rule The unit only has 3 damage capacity. The dogs are weapons and are neither infantrymen nor independent of their handler. 

Allies - Combined Rangers Platoon

Combined Rangers Platoon Command Unit (Required) Ranger Command Squad OR Heavy Ranger Command Squad Combat Unit 1 (Required) Ranger Heavy Weapon Squad OR Ranger Weapon Squad OR Ranger Combat Squad OR Ranger Recon Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) Heavy Ranger Attack Squad OR Heavy Ranger Tank-Hunter Squad Support Units (Optional) Any units under Combat Unit 1 or Combat Unit 2 If the Allied Ranger Units form the backbone of ASOCOM, the Heavy Rangers are the steel punch that delivers the killing blow Drawn from the already elite ranks of the Allied Rangers, these soldiers, defend the Free World using the latest technology available. The long drawn out fighting in Zverograd has lead ASOCOM to develop a new platoon structure that mixes Ranger and Heavy Ranger units into an even deadlier combination. PLATOON ADVANTAGE: Hammer and Anvil The Rangers make lightning attacks and occupy strategic ground while their support troops follow up, trapping enemy forces between the &#

Axis - Blutkreuz Elite Laser Grenadier Platoon

Blutkreuz Elite Laser Grenadier Platoon Command Unit (Required) Laser Grenadier Command Squad Combat Unit 1 (Required) Laser Grenadier Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) Laser Grenadier Squad, Heavy Laser Grenadier Squad, Laser Tank Hunter Squad Support Units (Optional) Laser Grenadier Command Squad, Laser Grenadier Squad, Heavy Laser Grenadier Squad, Laser Tank Hunter Squad The Axis laser weapons are some of the most powerful weapons on the planet, hampered only by their power and engineering requirements,  not to mention the intensive training needed to use them effectively. Lasers need to be focused on a point long enough for the laser to burn through, and attenuation limits the effective range. Infantry carried laser weapons especially suffer from the lack of a stable firing platform in combat conditions. Sigrid Von Thaler has personally trained the very best of the laser grenadiers to be able to operate their laser weapons even beyond what was deemed possible; she

Iron Joe

Iron Joe GENERAL IOSEF AKERSOVICH KAMERON, SPETSNAZ A legend among the GRU Spetsnaz, “Iron Joe” leads all SSU special operations in Africa and the Middle-East at the same time. Which is pretty much all the Soviets can afford in the region, since they fight on too many fronts for their own good. Definitely one of the craftiest generals on the planet, Kameron makes the best out of it and maintains the pressure with the limited amount of troops he has. But these are the most elite of soldiers, and their general makes sure that every operation is carefully planned: they make up their number in efficiency.


Guaï-Lo Steel Guards are some of the most formidable fighters on the planet. Their half-robotic bodies makes them very hard to kill, allowing them to gain incredible combat experience. And among them are a few that are even more formidable: Master Sergeant Guaï-Lo Moloï is one of them. The third human on the planet (and last one alive) to ever be encased in a Steel Guard armor, he has seen action in every part of the World. His armor has been heavily modified to his specifications, making him a fearsome sight on the battlefield.

Commissar Poon

Commissar Poon The World Revolution can only be successfully achieved through political purity and unfaltering courage! Political commissars of the Sino-Soviet Union make sure that front-line troops and those that command them follow every order to the letter. Every thought must be monitored before and during a battle, and there's no-one better at this than Commissar Poon Hay-Wing of the People's Liberation Army. He has spent so much time fighting against the invaders of his country that he can inspire greatness in all around him like nobody else. Unit card

Red Ace

Red Ace Lieutenant Eva Koroutchenko “The Red Ace” – 3rd Guard Assault Aviation Division, 2nd SSU Air Fleet Notable History: Order of Glory – 1946, Order of the Patriotic War – 1946, Born 1924 in Vladivostok, USSR The youngest rising star in the SSU, Lieutenant Koroutchenko is already a legend. She is famous throughout the bloc for her emerald eyes and short dark hair; every young man in the SSU keeps a picture of her near his heart for good luck and to protect him from harm.  Eva is the new “poster girl” for the SSU Air Army, a role in which she excels. She’s also a hell of a pilot who has already scored more than 30 air victories in her short career. With time and luck she may outperform the most famous pilots of the bloc. She works very hard towards this goal, persistently learning everything she can about flying. Axis pilots on the western front have already put a large bounty on her head; they need to destroy this dangerous pilot as quickly as possible. Eva’s


Nikolai Commissar Captain Nikolaï Dimitrievich Starinov “Nikolaï” – 9th Guards Heavy Tank Division “The Steel Cossacks,” Red Army Notable History: Hero of the SSU – 1946, Order of Lenin – 1945, Order of Red Star – 1945, Order of the Patriotic War – 1942, Born 1910 in Sevastopol, USSR Nicknamed “The Red Bear,” comrade Starinov is a rising star of the SSU Army. He has fought for his country since the German assault on the Motherland in 1941. Since then he has taken part in all the toughest fights of the Great Patriotic War. Nikolaï is one of the few people in the SSU with the distinction of being both a Commissar and an Army Officer at the same time. His incredible feats of heroism have earned him this unique position, which gives him more authority then a general on some occasions. When Nikolaï speaks, even in the Kremlin, everybody listens. An excellent tank commander, Nikolaï Starinov now commands the first armored company of the 9th Guards Heavy Tank Division. It is mostly

Red Yana

Red Yana Sergeant Diana Bondarenko “Red Yana” – 3rd Special Duty Division, SMERSH Notable History: Order of the Red Banner – 1946, Order of Suvorov 3rd Class – 1945, Order of the Patriotic War – 1943, Born 1919 in Kiev, USSR A couple of years younger than Koshka, Diana has always regarded Koshka as an older sister. Born an orphan, she was raised in various state institutions. This rough childhood made her grow bitter but gave her an unnatural strength of will. Diana has overcome many deadly situations she has gotten herself, or Koshka, into. She has saved the life of her “big sister” several times now, from the outskirts of Moscow where they repelled the first German invasion of their homeland to the current conflict in Zverograd. Now a full time member of SMERSH, Diana proudly serves her country and its ideals. A very capable leader of soldiers, she commands from the front line, where the action is. She is personally field testing a new weapon: an automatic grenade laun


Koshka Captain Koshka Rudinova “Koshka” – 3rd Special Duty Division, SMERSH Notable History: Hero of the SSU – 1945, Order of Kutuzov – 1945, Hero of the Soviet Union – 1943, Order of the Patriotic War – 1942, Born 1917 in Moscow, USSR Captain Rudinova is a legend amongst the SSU. She is probably the most famous citizen of the bloc serving directly in the armed forces. Daughter of the Soviet hero Colonel Mikhail Rudinova, now MIA, Koshka grew up on various army bases throughout the USSR; she and her mother would follow the Colonel as he was transferred from one command to another. Raised as a boy amongst the other boys on base, serving in the military was a natural calling for Koshka. She joined the Red Cadets at age 15 and has served her country ever since. Soon after her initial infantry training she enrolled in a program for tank commanders where she bested all of her classmates. Koshka was in command of a T34 platoon when the war began, and she defen