Return to Zverograd: Ground Zero - Scenarios

Here are the two scenarios for RTZ: Ground Zero on 11.11.2018 at SOGCon 2018

Mat from Deepcut Studios

Scenario #1 Beach Assault

It has been months since Allied forces occupied the sliver of a beach on the eastern bank of the Old Town region of Zverograd. This coastline while small, afforded a defensible position and proved impossible to dig out with artillery strikes or air bombing. It has proved immensely useful as the staging ground for the Ninth Army, namely the 4th Marines Division and the 8th Ranger Battalion, for their incursion into Zverograd. All that may change tonight as an Enemy has launched a surprise attack from the seaside, and intent on overwhelm the Allies with speed and firepower. Will they succeed or will the Allies hold?


1. Game lasts for 6 turns only.
1. Aircrafts cannot take or hold objectives.
2. Allies are the Defender in this scenario.
3. Gridless play

Allies have a Dual Phaser Bunker (or 2 for games over 125AP) which they can place at one or both ends of their beach and angled to have wide coverage. The Attacker half of the beach should be clear of cover.

The Attacker Move onto the board from the Attacker end of the Beach. Defender move onto the board from the Defender end.

The Attacker places up to 4 Units (infantry or Vehicle but not Aircraft) of armour class 4 or lower that is destroyed in the first 3 turns in reserves. They re-enter the board from the Attacker edge on Turn 4.

Victory Conditions
The Bunker is the Objective. The Attacker wins the game if they hold the Objective at the end of any Turn after Turn 3, with no enemy Units within range 2. If this Victory Condition is not met by the end of turn 6, the Defender wins.

Scenario #2 Urban Clash

1. Game lasts for 6 turns only.
2. Aircrafts cannot take or hold objectives.
3. Gridded play

Set Up
Roll off and choose entry area. Note that the player who wins the roll can choose any corner. The opponent automatically enters from the diagonally opposite long edge half. Place two Objectives on ground level according to the map below, depending on the chosen entry areas. The Objective squares should not contain terrain that are Impassable for all Ground Units (but it can be a square with a
Tank Trap or in a building for example, since those squares are not impassable for all Ground Units).

No Units start on the table. Each player’s force enters the table from his designated entry area on the first turn.

Winning the Game
At the end of a turn, on or after turn two, a player gains victory points if he Controls one or both Objectives and there are no enemy Units within Range 1 of the Objective(s). If a player Controls one Objective he gains 1 victory point that turn. If a player Controls both Objectives at the same time he gains 3 victory points that turn. A player wins by gaining a total of five victory points. A player cannot score more than five victory points in total.


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