Red Yana

Red Yana

Sergeant Diana Bondarenko
“Red Yana” – 3rd Special Duty Division, SMERSH
Notable History: Order of the Red Banner – 1946, Order of Suvorov 3rd Class – 1945, Order of the Patriotic War – 1943, Born 1919 in Kiev, USSR

A couple of years younger than Koshka, Diana has always regarded Koshka as an older sister. Born an orphan, she was raised in various state institutions. This rough childhood
made her grow bitter but gave her an unnatural strength of will. Diana has overcome many deadly situations she has gotten herself, or Koshka, into. She has saved the life
of her “big sister” several times now, from the outskirts of Moscow where they repelled the first German invasion of their homeland to the current conflict in Zverograd. Now a full time member of SMERSH, Diana proudly serves her country and its ideals. A very capable leader of soldiers, she commands from the front line, where the action is. She is personally field testing a new weapon: an automatic grenade launcher that could someday become the standard issue weapon of all SSU soldiers. Diana is very proud to have been chosen for this task, which she considers of the utmost
importance. She’ll sacrifice her life, and the prototype, before getting captured. She even carries explosives to destroy the weapon should the need arise: it must not fall into enemy hands.


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