Star Wars - Shadow of the Empire: Dramatis Personae

Aaron ran a one-shot Star Wars (Expanded Universe) scenario, the player characters were:

Hearst (played by Sean), Human Pilot

During his hay days, Hearst was a starship racer in Arda - 2, revelling in the winds and beating his opponents with speed and precision. He got called to arms by accident when he drunkenly boarded and attempted to steal a rebel ship after celebrating his 16th win in the race. He was captured of course, after puking all over himself and a few rebels, and had to work for the rebel forces in the frontline after doing so. He was sent on a mission to Minase III after the rebels saw his potential piloting an ARC-170, and they prayed this firecracker wouldn’t sleep or drink on the job.

Muthu (played by Bryan) Jawa engineer/pilot/mechanic/salvager/gadgeteer/trader/scavenger

in his own words translated to Basic:

I am a Jawa
I was caught Jawa-ing near a Rebel base
Was picked up by Hearst
That is all

Esuz’zuvac (played by Timothy) Twi’lek Jedi Padawan

As a young child, after raiders kidnapped him from his village, he was sold into slavery as many thought he was a female due to his slender form and pitchy voice. Through a series of miracles, some Jedi chanced upon him and freed him from slavery, taking him with them to the Jedi temple on Yavin. There, he began his training over years.

He always felt different compared to the others in class and he yearns to explore himself more freely. He never feels comfortable trying to suppress his baser needs with his fellow padawans, but he holds back to blend in, longing for the day where he could finally break free of this cocoon.

Cho-am Nu-Sky (played by Koi Hin) Human Jedi Knight

Cho-am lost all his family at a young age in a slaver's attack en-route to their new home. He would have been sent to the slave pits but for one of the slaver ship servitor, who shielded and persuaded the slaver captain to keep him. Under his saviour, the Twi'lek Xeran, Cho-am learnt of his own Force sensitivity, and Xeran would secretly teach him how to commune and control the Force, for Xeran was a former Jedi who managed escape the Jedi massacre, and hid out among the scum and villainy.

Xeran betrayed the slave-masters by causing the slave-ship to mis-jump into the middle of an alliance picket. Bundling Cho-am into an escape pod, Xeran parting gift was his lightsaber and the words, 'May the Force be with you'. Moments after Cho-am's escape pod jettisoned, the slaver-ship was blown up by alliance forces.  Cho-am was picked up by the Alliance forces, or the New Republic as it came to be known. His Force abilities became known and he was brought to Yavin 4 be trained as a Jedi.

Among the slower learners and very reticent, Luke came close to giving up on completing his training but eventually Cho-am became a fully fledged Jedi Knight. In time, Cho-am took on his first apprentice, Esuz, and they are sent on their first master/padawan mission.

Description: Gaunt in appearance with an old scar down the left side of his face, walks with a limp. (It is unknown why he chooses not to fix his limp) His handicap is deceptive as Gaunt can move quickly when needed. He carries a green lightsaber.


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