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X-Wing Hoth Tourney 2016 Results

Here are the results for the Hoth Tourney! Congrats to David Wong for winning the tourney and receiving the top prize of a copy of Imperial Assault core set! Thank you everyone for coming again! Round 1 1: Ethan Lam VS Dawei Chua - Match Results: Dawei Chua is the winner 66 to 86 2: Matthew Lam VS Ackter Khan - Match Results: Matthew Lam is the winner 76 to 50 3: Daryl Kong VS Alexander Yeo - Match Results: Alexander Yeo is the winner 54 to 71 4: Ejay Chua VS Colin Robinson - Match Results: Colin Robinson is the winner 29 to 47 5: Shane Mok VS Adam Khan - Match Results: Shane Mok is the winner 100 to 25 6: Xian Yong VS Stephen Kurisanto - Match Results: Stephen Kurisanto is the winner 37 to 51 7: David Wong VS Kevin Sjahrial - Match Results: David Wong is the winner 100 to 49 8: Wahid Kadar VS Ming Zheng - Match Results: Ming Zheng is the winner 15 to 71 Choon Voon Lam has a BYE Round 2 1: Shane Mok VS Ming Zheng - Match Results: Ming Zheng is the winner 14

X-Wing Bespin Tourney 2016 Results

Finally the Bespin tourney results are up! Congratulations to Xian Yong for winning the tourney. We will be updating the X-Wing League 2016 table soon with the latest results. Again, much thanks to Richard for assisting as TO for the event. A big thank you to everyone who came and see you all very soon! Round 1 Kang Sen VS WeiHan Result: Kang Sen Win 75 0 Acktar Khan VS Jeremy Ho Result: Acktar Khan Win 100 22 Stephen Kurisanto VS Wahid Result: Stephen Kurisanto Win 100 0 Colin Robinson Ming Zheng Result: Colin Robinson Win 100 24 Dawei Chua VS Roy Result: Dawei Chua Modified Win 51 50 Daryl Kong VS Choon Voon Lam Result: Daryl Kong Win 100 51 Xian Yong VS Sebastian Result: Xian Yong Win 100 0 Adam Khan VS Howard Result Adam Khan Win 100 71 Kevin Sjehrial VS Desmond Lau Result Win 100 25 Kevin Tan VS Richard Chan Result Win 100 15 Round 2 Stephen Kurisanto VS XIan Yong Result Xian Yong Win 100 0 Colin Robinson VS Acktar Khan Result Colin Robinson Modified Win 38 3