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Shadows Over Angers - Part 3

Part 3 is dedicated to Andreas Wein. This continues from Shadows Over Angers - Part 2 Scene 10 - Back at the Cathedra l Back at the cathedral Father Andre escorted them to the refectory to provide some refreshments for the group. There they were met with a nun, Sister Marie who was acquainted with Joseph. Pierre narrated what happened leaving out any mention of demons. Father Andre then presented to Pierre a black box contain the pistol he requested for with 2 clips of ammunition. A novice arrived to advise Father Andre of a commotion out the front who left the group to investigate. Harumi and Sister Marie decided to follow to see what the fuss was about. They peeked out see Father Andre in agitated conversation with a group of gendarmes. They could just make out a man identifying himself as Chief Inspector Lauvin who wanted to arrest persons matching the description of Pierre, Joseph and Harumi for the murder of Eric Gilbert. Hurrying back they related this to the oth