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The Dark Eye Narrative Report from ITE Campus Gamefest

On 25th June, Chris ran a The Dark Eye role-playing game at the SOG Mega-gaming event, part of the annual Campus Gamefest at ITE@AMK. In his own words: This past weekend at ITE Campus Game Fest, we have played a role-playing one-shot using the Dark Eye system. Our setting is the world of Aventuria, a classic medieval fantasy environment. We will be starting a regular group as well as do further one-off sessions using the Dark Eye setting and ruleset. If you'd like to join or host a session yourself, please contact Chris Hennigfeld or let us know in the comments! In this session we had four players hosted by Chris as GM, playing a scenario called "The Temple of Ssrr'Khem'Nazz". Below is the writeup from one of the player characters' perspective. Expedition into the swamps of Selem Day 1 : We begin our quest to find the ancient lizard artifact at the bequest of Retha of Grangor. Joining the group are: Ahmad Kashutar, young member