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Xīngchéng's Top Level Cabinet

work in progress I am currently coming up with the top positions for a government in a fictional game setting called the Ten Worlds by Ad Astra Games. I am indebted to china history forum for most of the titles! 星城 Xīngchéng is the name of a Chinese dominated world with roots to East and South-East Asian countries. The government titles are taken in the main from Ancient China Imperial Dynasties. At the top, you have the 首声 Shǒushēng (First Voice). He is the equivalent of a President or Prime Minister and is the top executive in government. He is elected from among the 家声 Jiāshēng (Voices of the Houses) whose majority votes are needed in all major government policies and bills. Each term is three years and a person may hold the position for not more than three terms. 太尉 Tàiwèi (Grand Marshal) is nominally the highest ranking position after the First Voice, with overall control of all Armed Forces. However, it is currently an honorific and the only person to have held this position was