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Captain Koshka Rudinova
“Koshka” – 3rd Special Duty Division, SMERSH

Notable History: Hero of the SSU – 1945, Order of Kutuzov – 1945, Hero of the Soviet Union – 1943, Order of the Patriotic War – 1942, Born 1917 in Moscow, USSR

Captain Rudinova is a legend amongst the SSU. She is probably the most famous citizen of the bloc serving directly in the armed forces. Daughter of the Soviet hero Colonel Mikhail Rudinova, now MIA, Koshka grew up on various army bases throughout the USSR; she and her mother would follow the Colonel as he was transferred from one command to another.

Raised as a boy amongst the other boys on base, serving in the military was a natural calling for Koshka. She joined the Red Cadets at age 15 and has served her country ever since. Soon after her initial infantry training she enrolled in a program for tank commanders where she bested all of
her classmates. Koshka was in command of a T34 platoon when the war began, and she defended her beloved city of Moscow …

Return to Zverograd

Return to Zverograd
Campaign Page Return to Zverograd (RTZ) is a 6 turn Dust 1947 campaign from 11.11.2018 to early January 2019. It is not restricted by borders; players join one of 3 blocs (SSU, Allies or Axis) and send in battle reports from anywhere in the world.

Rules and Guidelines for the campaign.

Recruitment! SSU   Allies   Axis

RTZ: Ground Zero 11th November, Sunday
A one day event in Singapore, celebrating the kickoff of the RTZ campaign!

Turn 1 - 16th November, Friday
New troops pouring in as each bloc desperately tries to take the city and unearth its secrets!

Turn 2 - 26th November, Monday

Turn 3 - 7th December, Friday

Week 4 - 17th December, Monday
The battles extend underground into the sewers and metro system, but things not of the living lurks in the shadows...

Week 5 - 28th December, Friday
The reports are true! Faster than a speeding bullet! Stronger than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! We are saved! (or doomed depending on which side you are o…