Return to Zverograd

Paolo Parente's Raid over Zverograd

Return to Zverograd
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Return to Zverograd (RTZ) is a 6 turn Dust 1947 campaign from 11.11.2018 to early January 2019. It is not restricted by borders; players join one of 3 blocs (SSU, Allies or Axis) and send in battle reports from anywhere in the world.

Rules and Guidelines for the campaign.

Recruitment! SSU   Allies   Axis

RTZ: Ground Zero 11th November, Sunday
A one day event in Singapore, celebrating the kickoff of the RTZ campaign!

Turn 1 - 16th November, Friday
New troops pouring in as each bloc desperately tries to take the city and unearth its secrets!

Turn 2 - 26th November, Monday

Turn 3 - 7th December, Friday

Week 4 - 17th December, Monday
The battles extend underground into the sewers and metro system, but things not of the living lurks in the shadows...

Week 5 - 28th December, Friday
The reports are true! Faster than a speeding bullet! Stronger than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! We are saved! (or doomed depending on which side you are on!)

Week 6 - 7th January, Monday

RTZ: The Final Countdown (Date to be TBD)
A one-day event wrapping up the campaign. The race is on to take control of the secret! Failing which, no one should get it...


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