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Mythos version 0.1

Previous versions of the rules, used for Shadows over Angers up till Part 4. By and by I will be presenting the role-playing system I use in my games. A role-playing/storytelling system The system is relatively simple and is inspired by The Window , D6 and Risus . It only uses six-sided dice. An attribute, characteristic typically range from 1-7+. 1   Poor (10) 2   Below Average (20) 3   Average, Mediocre (28) 3+ Competent (36) 4   Above Average, Skilled (44) 4+ Professional, Talented (52) 5   Excellent, Very Good (60) 5+ Expert (68) 6   Superb, Remarkable, (76) 6+ Amazing (84) 7   Grandmaster, Incredible (92) 7+ Unbelievable (100) The numbers in round brackets indicates a suggested equivalent value in a percentile system. This may be useful in converting characters from other systems to URPS. Every system is different and you should try to work out what makes sense in each. From time to time the GM will ask a player to roll a number of dice trying for successe