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Dust - Heavy Commando Paratrooper Platoon

Heavy Commando Paratrooper Platoon Command Unit (Required) Action Jackson Major Jackson Claybome, Allied Heavy Commando Combat Unit 1 (Required) Heavy Commando Battle Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) Heavy Commando Battle Squad Since the beginning of this war, the British Army has been pioneer in the creation of special or unusual military forces. It has now one of the most important airborne forces on the planet, the largest in the Grand Allied Army, and second only to the Axis Fallschirmjager and Raketentruppe. The 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Parachute Brigade was the first Unit in the Allied Army to be issued the brand new Phaser Guns designed for Infantry use. The Unit is very proud of the trust placed in it by the High Command, giving the men another Opportunity to prove their excellence. PLATOON ADVANTAGE: AIR DROP The humming of planes is the only warning enemy forces will get when the Allied Commandos attack These troops are the best of the best trained

Dust - Allied Ranger Platoon

Allied Ranger Platoon Command (Required) Bazooka Joe aka Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Brown OR Ranger Command Squad Unit OR Johnny One Eye aka Lieutenant John Coviello Combat Unit 1 (Required) Ranger Heavy Weapon Squad OR Ranger Weapon Squad OR Ranger Combat Squad OR Ranger Recon Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) Unit Choice Same as Unit 1 Combat Unit 3 (Required) Unit Choice Same as Unit 1 Support Units 4+ (Optional) Allied Ranger Units are the backbone of all ASOCOM military operations. These elite soldiers are among the best on the planet. They have the most advanced equipment money can buy and are exceptionally well trained Every Ranger knows that hundreds of millions of civilian's freedom depends on them, and that every one of them supports the Rangers in any way they can: The Rangers are truly the heroes of this grand league of nations. SUPPORT UNITS The Rangers can call on a wide range of support. They bring

Dust - Allied Heavy Ranger Platoon

Allied Heavy Ranger Platoon Command Unit (Required) Heavy Ranger Command Squad Combat Unit 1 (Required) Heavy Ranger Attack Squad OR Heavy Ranger Tank-Hunter Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) Heavy Ranger Attack Squad OR Heavy Ranger Tank-Hunter Squad Support Units 3+ (Optional) If the Allied Ranger Units form the backbone of ASOCOM, the Heavy Rangers are the steel punch that delivers the killing blow Drawn from the already elite ranks of the Allied Rangers, these soldiers, defend the Free World using the latest technology available. Their XM-18 aerial assault armor allows them to achieve incredible feats and crry weaponry that no other human could even lift off the ground. Their rocket packs give them speed and mobility second to none, and they strike hard and fast before the enemy has time to prepare. ++++++++++++++++++ PLATOON ADVANTAGE: LIGHTNING STRIKE The Heavy Rangers take the motto "Rangers Lead the Way" to the extr

Dust - Allied Taskforce Rhino Platoon

Allied Taskforce Rhino Platoon Command Unit (Required) Rhino aka Sergeant Major William Springfield, Heavy Ranger Combat Unit 1 (Required) Heavy Ranger Assault Squad Combat Unit 2 (Required) Wildfire M1A Light Assault Walker, Machine Gun The Allied Taskforce Rhino Platoon is a specialized Heavy Ranger Platoon led by Sergeant Major William Springfield aka "Rhino." When the Allies merged their armies into the Grand Allied Amy. the Rangers became the combined army's elite soldiers. Fighting all over the world to ensure the final Victory of Freedom and Liberty, the Heavy Rangers are seasoned veterans who have been equipped with and trained to take advantage of the latest power armour in the Allies' arsenal. This armour provides the Rhino and his Heavy Ranger Assault Squads with incredible strength and the ability to Fly over obstacles on the battlefield. ****************** PLATOON ADVANTAGE: KNOCKOUT Rhino's greatest asset is hi