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SOG Game Highlight: Iliad

One of the great card games we have at SOG is Iliad, a card game from Asmodee. First published in 2006, Iliad has become a classic and a favoured multi-player card game. In Iliad, which is based on the ancient Greek epic poem of the same name, each player is besieging Troy with the aim of winning sieges to take over Troy (or Helen, we will come to that later) Each player is deal a hand of ten army cards at the start. These army cards consists of hoplite, archers, chariots and various war-machines. Players take turns playing cards and the player with the highest army value at the end of the siege, wins the siege. Starting from the winner and highest army value of each army on the table, the spoils of wars are distributed, with the winner having first pick, followed by he second place, etc. The spoils consist of victory points cards with one negatve victory points card going to the lowest ranked player that siege. Furthermore victory points cards are divided into city and ship ca