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WIP on Mythos version 0.3

Okko, the board game, used during a play-test. After two more games of Mythos I am re-thinking some of the rules both in terms of how they are presented to the players and a slight tweak of the mechanic. If the basic assumption in Mythos is that an average guy is Average (3), then instead of writing, he is an average swordsman (3) we could just drop the number. It would be understood that if he attempted sword fighting, he would roll 3 dice, most of the time. We would then use a system of indicating how much better or worse a person is at a particular characteristic/skill/ability by using positive or negative modifiers, e.g. Good Swordsman (+1) or Very Good Swordsman (+2). Cognitively, for both the GM and player when attempting a resolution, you would typically go for 3 dice, unless something about your character indicates otherwise. Here are the Difficulty levels as they currently stand: 2   Easy, Routine 3   Challenging, Moderate 5   Hard, Difficult 7   Very Hard, Ver