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Star Wars - Shadow of the Empire

Shadow of the Empire is a one-shot RPG scenario set in the Star Wars universe GMed by Aaron. You can find a dramatis personae of the player characters here . Below follows an After-Action Report from Cho-Am Nu-sky, the Jedi Knight that went on the mission. To: Master Luke Skymaster Report on mission to Minase III The four of us, Hearst, the Jawa, Esuz and myself were transported to Minase III  by Master Kyle Katarn and pilot Jan Ors in the Raven and dropped in a small shuttle in the asteroid belt where the supposedly abandoned station is. Upon touching down it became clear the station was occupied by Imperial Remnant forces. We dealt with a number of stormtroopers at the outer doors easily and swiftly. Hearst and Esuz changed into two of the stormtrooper armour in our attempt at subterfuge. Moving into the hangar we discoverd some six Imperial Tie Fighters docked. The Jawa quickly rigged one of them to blow up should we need a diversion later. We observed through viewpo

Star Wars - Shadow of the Empire: Dramatis Personae

Aaron ran a one-shot Star Wars (Expanded Universe) scenario, the player characters were: Hearst ( played by Sean ), Human Pilot During his hay days, Hearst was a starship racer in Arda - 2, revelling in the winds and beating his opponents with speed and precision. He got called to arms by accident when he drunkenly boarded and attempted to steal a rebel ship after celebrating his 16th win in the race. He was captured of course, after puking all over himself and a few rebels, and had to work for the rebel forces in the frontline after doing so. He was sent on a mission to Minase III after the rebels saw his potential piloting an ARC-170, and they prayed this firecracker wouldn’t sleep or drink on the job. Muthu  ( played by Bryan ) Jawa engineer/pilot/mechanic/salvager/gadgeteer/trader/scavenger in his own words translated to Basic: I am a Jawa I was caught Jawa-ing near a Rebel base Was picked up by Hearst That is all Esuz’zuvac ( played by Timothy ) Twi’lek Jedi