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Announcing the Singapore X-Wing Miniatures League 2016!

We are happy to announce our very first Singapore X-Wing Miniatures League!

The league will be complementary to the regional and national level FFG organised play competitions, and another path for players to partake of the X-Wing Miniatures Game experience.

For the 2016 season instead of a round-robin format we will run a series of tournaments. The accumulated VPs will determine ranking.

The 2016 season begins with the POMO Tourney on 16th January 2016 and will be followed by the Bespin tourney on the 28th February 2016.

We will run a few more tourneys in March and April, cumulating in a top 4 elimination round in May, to determine the league champion.

Furthermore the top 4 ranked members of the league will receive an invitation to compete in the Singapore X-Wing Open Championship 2016 expected to be held sometime in June, with registration fees waived and first round Bye.

We will have a league champion trophy plus attractive prizes that league members can win. More details on this w…

X-Wing POMO Tourney Jan 2016 Results

It took us a while but here are the results from the January X-Wing tournament at POMO!

Round 1

Chris ChoyVSShane Mok-Match Result:Chris Choywin10050
Joel KohVSLeck Koon-Match Result:Leck Koonwin2912
Daniel TeguhVSSharizal-Match Result:Sharizalwin5952
Norman NgVSRoy Jean-Match Result:Roy Jeanwin310
Voon LamVSXian Yong-Match Result:Xian Yongwin8451
Matthew LamVSYazid-Match Result:Matthew Lamwin10054
Justin PhuaVSNicholas Teo-Match Result:Justin Phuawin1000
Daryl KongVSHao Ming-Match Result:Daryl Kongwin10042
Ervin LamVSNique-Match Result:Niquewin680
Colin RobinsonVSStephen Kurisanto-Match Result:Colin Robinsonwin640
Akhter KhanVSZi Yuan-Match Result:Akhter Khanwin6922

Round 2

Justin PhuaVSNique-Match Result:Justin Phuawin300
Colin RobinsonVSDaryl Kong-Match Result:Colin Robinsonwin10062
Akhter KhanVSChris Choy-Match Result:Chris Choywin10050
Matthew LamVSXian Yong-Match Result:Xian Yongwin10051
Leck KoonVSRoy Jean-Match Result:Roy Jeanwin10012
Daniel TeguhVSNorman Ng-Match Result:Dani…

Singapore X-Wing Miniatures League 2016 - Table of Result

The Singapore X-Wing Miniatures League 2016 is ongoing at the moment.

Below are the rankings as they currently stand:



Colin Robinson4400555202A102
Chris Choy4301550153A103
Justin Phua4301517154A104
Daryl Kong430150715

A World in Dust - Timeline

Dust Main A World in Dust - 1936 - 1947

July: Japanese forces invade mainland China. World War II starts in Asia.


March: A German military expedition led by Manfred Kreuzer returns from Antarctica under great secrecy. A U-boat bearing “vital cargo” is sent directly back to Germany.

April: The Blutkreuz Korps is formed in Berlin under the leadership of Baron Leopold von Thaler. Its goal is to study the Antarctica discoveries.


September: Germany invades Poland. Great Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany. World War II starts in Europe.


March: Blutkreuz Korps scientists make a breakthrough in their research, opening the “vital cargo” and waking an alien life form.

June: Paris falls and the first Battle for Britain starts the following month. Saigon becomes the new capital of the French Republic.

September: Germany, Italy, and Japan sign the Tripartite Pact. The foundations of the Axis bloc are made.

December: The war reaches North Africa. The …