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Axis Units

Axis Units Here is a list of all known units within the Axis bloc. Details such as background, alternate names and stats can be found by clicking on the unit name (This is a work in progress). Heroes Angela Christoph Florentine Frank Von Stein Galeazzo Goliath Gregor Grenadier X Jacob Kaori Kurt Lara Manfred Markus Panzerprinz Raketenmann Rolf Samson Sigrid Stefan The Bloody Baron The Desert Fox Tina And Hyäne Totenmeister Wilfried Wolfgang Yukiko Infantry Btg. San Marco Assault Squad Dual Field Laser Gun Dual Field Laser Gun (Bunker) Fallschirmjäger Anti-Aircraft Squad Fallschirmjäger Anti-Tank Squad Fallschirmjäger Battle Squad Fallschirmjäger Command Squad Fallschirmjäger Laser Gun Squad Fallschirmjäger Mortar Squad Fallschirmjäger Observer Squad Fallschirmjäger Rocket Launcher Squad Fallschirmjäger Tank-Hunter Squad Field Laser Gun Field Laser Gun (Bunker) Gorilla Pioneer Squad Gorilla Squad Grenadier Battle Squad Gren

SSU Units

SSU (Sino Soviet Union) Units These are the units of the SSU in Dust 1947 Heroes Commissar Poon Guaï-Lo Iron Joe Ivan The Butcher Koshka Nikolai Red Ace Red Yana Roza The Dragon The Phoenix Vasiliy Winter Child Yakov Infantry Chinese Volunteer Assault Squad Motherland Tesla Gun Motherland Tesla Gun (Bunker) Motherland Twin Tesla Gun Motherland Twin Tesla Gun (Bunker) NKVD Political Commisar Machine Gunner NKVD Political Commisar Submachine Gunner NKVD Political Commisar Tank-Hunter NKVD Political Commissar Squad PLA Assault Squad Red Army Battle Squad Red Army Close-Combat Squad Red Army Command Squad Red Army Heavy Mortar Squad Red Army Observer Squad Red Army Rifle Squad Red Army Sniper Squad Red Army Tesla Gun Squad Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad Red Guards Assault Squad Red Guards Command Squad Spetsnaz Anti-Tank Squad Spetsnaz Assault Squad Spetsnaz Command Squad Spetsnaz Kill Squad Spetsnaz Observer Squad Spetsnaz Saboteur Squad