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Shadows over Angers - Dramatis Personae

The player characters  (The characters are still being developed between sessions) Pierre Letreque played by David R. 1.8 m, 70 kg, curly brown hair w/ gray streaks & receding hairline, aquiline nose, stooped shoulders, clean-shaven, late 30s. He usually has his medical bag with him and drives an ambulance. Pierre participated in the Great War as an Army Doctor where his youthful idealism was crushed by the horrors of the trenches. He resigned from the Army in 1921, the same year his wife died. He works at a government health department as a roving physician to smaller towns and villagers. He has no children. He has a quiet demeanor. He is cynical about politics and government He is in Angers to visit Dr. Eric Gilbert (a friend) and to replenish medical supplies. Excellent Physician (trauma, great bedside manners) 5 Above average intelligence 4 Experienced amateur botanist 4 (can survive in the woods  3) Handy at fixing his ambulance 3 (general mechanic 2) Destin

Shadows Over Angers - Part 2

This continues from Shadows over Angers - Part 1 Scene 5- The Next Morning The next morning they reconvened with Father Andre for breakfast. Joseph ate sparingly as he nursed his hangover. Pierre joined them soon and they discussed the events of last night. Pierre advised that Eric has agreed to introduce him to Henri Tergeon under more amicable circumstances. He asked Father Andre to procure a pistol for him and advised the others he will take some sample from the body to a trusted medical facility to have it tested and he should be back by end of the day. Scene 6a - The Boy Harumi and Joseph decided to investigate Angers by day and re-traced their steps last night. They stopped in front of Dr Gilbert's residence they ascertained he was not in and slotted in a note asking to see him. Harumi felt her senses tingling just as a boy of ten or so appeared asking if they were looking for Dr Gilbert and promising to bring them to find him. While suspicious they decided to follow

Shadows Over Angers - Part 1

Place: Angers, France Date: Early September, 1931 Weather: The last days of Summer. The Great Depression has come to France and the common people are suffering. Our protagonists meet for the first time in Angers. They will find themselves embroiled in strange and dark happenings of the town... Scene 1 -First Meeting Where we find Pierre Letreque, itinerant Doctor on government service, Harumi, recently from Japan, dressed in a red Kimono. Father Joseph, a priest of the Church of England. They struck up a conversation in English and explained their respective purposes in Angers. Pierre was here to replenish medical supply and call on his friend Dr Eric Gilbert a local physician. Father Joseph came at the request of Father Andre, a good friend and a local Catholic priest. Harumi said,"sight-seeing". Father Andre arrived and introductions were made. Harumi accepted the invitation of Father Andre to lodge at quarters on the grounds of the Cathedral of Saint-Maurice whe

GamesMastering Redux

I ran my first session last Saturday (6th March 2010) after a long hiatus. It went well and everyone had fun. I am looking forward to twice-a-month sessions and keen to try different genres and worlds rather than run extended adventures in one particular setting. Much will depend on what the players want; it is collaborative story-telling after all. I will be posting the adventures/sessions and the dramatis personae here. interspersed will be my thoughts on role-playing and further refinements of my RPG system. Comments and questions are most welcome.