Shadows over Angers - Dramatis Personae

The player characters 

(The characters are still being developed between sessions)

Pierre Letreque played by David R.
1.8 m, 70 kg, curly brown hair w/ gray streaks & receding hairline, aquiline nose, stooped shoulders, clean-shaven, late 30s. He usually has his medical bag with him and drives an ambulance.

Pierre participated in the Great War as an Army Doctor where his youthful idealism was crushed by the horrors of the trenches. He resigned from the Army in 1921, the same year his wife died. He works at a government health department as a roving physician to smaller towns and villagers. He has no children. He has a quiet demeanor. He is cynical about politics and government

He is in Angers to visit Dr. Eric Gilbert (a friend) and to replenish medical supplies.

Excellent Physician (trauma, great bedside manners) 5
Above average intelligence 4
Experienced amateur botanist 4 (can survive in the woods  3)
Handy at fixing his ambulance 3 (general mechanic 2)
Destiny Dice 3

Dramatic Hooks:
Miss his wife very much even after 10 years. 
Dedicate his life to improving lives of others through his profession as a physician

Harumi played by Iris G.
Dressed in a red kimono with hair done up and held by long hairpins. Good physique and looks to be in her mid-twenties

Harumi is a demon slayer like her ancestors before her. She prefers to operate alone although from time to time she will team up with others to bring down a particularly powerful adversary. Fresh human blood can be used to boost her powers but she prefers not to do so as it feeds her demonic nature. She left Japan on a quest to recover something of great importance. A series of events brought her to Angers.

Fearsome demon slayer 5
Incredibily fast healing (factor between 20-50)
Acrobatic 5
Vegetarian (eating meat arouses her demonic passions)

Dramatic Hooks
Constant fight to suppress her demonic nature
Will attempt to preserve human life even at the cost of her own

Joseph Chapman played by Deric.
Average height, brown hair with the sides all white and streaks of grey elsewhere. A small potbelly but in good health. Appears to be about 50 years old.

An anglican priest, Joseph is experienced at Exorcism. During the Great War his encounter with the supernatural lead him to be inducted into the Order of Solomon which is dedicated to the control and exorcism of evil spirits and demons.

Rite of Speak with the Dead
Rite of Truth
Rite of Banishment
Rite of Cleansing Fire

The non-player characters

Father Andre a Roman Catholic priest. He is a close friend of Father Joseph, during the Great War they witnessed a terrifying supernatural event.

Dr. Eric Gilbert is a practicing physician in Angers. A classmate of Pierre and a good friend since the death of Pierre's wife.

Henri Tergeon, head of one of the wealthy families in Angers. He recently succeeded to the position due to the demise of his elder brother. Returned to Angers about a year ago after a long time abroad, Henri is secretive and does not show himself much.

Sister Marie
A nun visiting from Nice who knows Joseph from a past liaison. She has a past which she keeps hidden but there are hints she may have been a Tsarist spy. She appears to be about 30 with a svelte figure. She is usually dressed in a nun's habit. She appears slightly crazed and unpredictable.

Very attractive 5
Athletic 4
Very good Marksman, skilled with using dual pistols 5

Chief Inspector Lauvin
Head of the gendarmes in Angers, he appeared briefly to order the arrest of the suspects in the murder of Eric Gilbert. Stern looking man with a large mustache


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