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Guo Yonghe, the new First Voice

In an extra-ordinary parliamentary session, Guo Yonghe has been elected by majority vote among the Houses as Xing Cheng's 13th First Voice since the formation of the Republic.jointly nominated by the Council of Military and Council of Shi, only 2 other candidates nominations were accepted and Guo Yonghe won with 73% of the votes. The official swearing-in ceremony will be conducted tomorrow and FV Guo will be announcing his new cabinet immediately after. It is expected most of the existing Ministers will receive appointments in the new cabinet although there are hints of minor changes. The public response is overwhelmingly positive, FV Guo status as a war hero and his handling of the protestors at Wansheng Street. Cries of "Yonghe" has been taken up as a chant on the streets and what were scenes of protests just days ago are turning into ones of celebration. At a press conference late in the evening, Guo gave thanks to many parties including Yang Xiong. "I am both dee

Where the Grand Mentor and Grand Tutor have tea

Grand Tutor Bai Tianshi entered the indicated antechamber to find the Grand Mentor of the Council of Military in the middle of executing Catching the Swallow's Tail. Bai Tianshi stood still, his eyes observing Bao En's slow and flowing moves. He watched as Bao En completed the forms bringing his palms together while exhaling deeply. "Ah, brother Bai, please forgive my rudeness, I did not hear you enter!",Bao turned round and moved towards Bai in greeting. "Grand Mentor, truly I did not wish to interrupt such a splendid execution of Chen style Taijiquan," "Brother Bai you jest! Those were the clumsy moves of an old man suffering from stiff joints! Your calligraphy on the other hand has my uttermost admiration, I look forward to feasting my eyes on your latest work. Come sit with me and please allow me to serve you tea." "I am honoured brother Bao." Both took a seat by the side table while Bao served tea. "Pu'er, your favourite, br

Editorial on the First Voice Crisis

Editorial Even before Yang Xiong's explanations for his step down at the press conference after the parliament session, the mood on the ground has visibly swung in the opposite direction. Where once the protestors were quick to lay the blame for all their troubles at Yang Xiong's feet, many fingers are now pointed at the fractious Houses with some Houses in particular getting the lion's share. Yang Xiong's emotional speech to the press has struck a chord with many a citizen, the outpouring of support from the polls and grassroots have been overwhelming. Already, apart from a few isolated incidents, the rioting and violence has stopped and more than half the protestors have dispersed with the remaining confined to Wansheng street. Much has been written about the reasons and causes that lead to the current situation and I don't have anything else to say that has not been said a dozen times by numerous people. I want to talk about the miasma of uncertainty that seems t

First Voice Crisis News article #1

First Voice Resigns during Parliament November 25th, 2271 Gregorian New Xingjing Daily - On the 4th day since mass street protests began and 12 hours since violence among the protesters broke out,First Voice Yang Xiong resigned during a session of Parliament. In the grueling 3-hour session, Yang Xiong attempted to answer question after question from the Voices of the Houses on the current unrest, the economy, unemployment, the highly controversial LGT project and collaboration with the Caliphate of Medina. 3 times the Houses were called to order as verbal abuses were hurled at Yang Xiong and his cabinet. A recess for half an hour was called and when Parliament was resumed, Yang Xiong again took the podium and delivered a speech acknowledging his failings in many areas and apologised to the Houses and the people of XC. "It is clear to me I no longer have the mandate of the Houses to carry on in my capacity as First Voice. I hereby tender my resignation and ask that the Houses elect

Xīngchéng's Top Level Cabinet

work in progress I am currently coming up with the top positions for a government in a fictional game setting called the Ten Worlds by Ad Astra Games. I am indebted to china history forum for most of the titles! 星城 Xīngchéng is the name of a Chinese dominated world with roots to East and South-East Asian countries. The government titles are taken in the main from Ancient China Imperial Dynasties. At the top, you have the 首声 Shǒushēng (First Voice). He is the equivalent of a President or Prime Minister and is the top executive in government. He is elected from among the 家声 Jiāshēng (Voices of the Houses) whose majority votes are needed in all major government policies and bills. Each term is three years and a person may hold the position for not more than three terms. 太尉 Tàiwèi (Grand Marshal) is nominally the highest ranking position after the First Voice, with overall control of all Armed Forces. However, it is currently an honorific and the only person to have held this position was

Project Aon: Magnamund

I remember as a kid when annual book fairs were the event of the year for geeky types rather than computer fairs which were only just getting popular. I believe the year was 1985, an unremembered book fair held at the World Trade Centre (or thereabouts) and I stumbled onto Flight from the Dark , the first book of what would prove to be a long running epic series by Joe Dever, illustrated by Gary Chalk. I was then reading Fighting Fantasy and The Way of the Tiger solo gamebooks but from then on none of them could compare to the Lone Wolf series. I began to understand what it meant to be a Fan. The minute the next book in the series was released I would be among the first to get it and lock myself up in the room to partake in the next part of my journey through Magnamund. Why the attraction, you ask? A couple of things stood out. The quality of writing is better than most, I loved the illustrations, there actually was a coherent and engaging story, the world of Magnamund was intricatel