First Voice Crisis News article #1

First Voice Resigns during Parliament

November 25th, 2271 Gregorian

New Xingjing Daily - On the 4th day since mass street protests began and 12 hours since violence among the protesters broke out,First Voice Yang Xiong resigned during a session of Parliament.

In the grueling 3-hour session, Yang Xiong attempted to answer question after question from the Voices of the Houses on the current unrest, the economy, unemployment, the highly controversial LGT project and collaboration with the Caliphate of Medina. 3 times the Houses were called to order as verbal abuses were hurled at Yang Xiong and his
cabinet. A recess for half an hour was called and when Parliament was resumed, Yang Xiong again took the podium and delivered a speech acknowledging his failings in many areas and apologised to the Houses and the people of XC.

"It is clear to me I no longer have the mandate of the Houses to carry on in my capacity as First Voice. I hereby tender my resignation and ask that the Houses elect a new First Voice, one who can end violence on the streets, the squabbling among the Houses and unite Xing Cheng once again," Yang Xiong concluded at the end of his
speech to near pandemonium from the collective Voices of the Houses. Among the strongest protest against the resignation came from the Council of Shi.

A vote was held to approve the resignation and a majority was achieved with 50% of the votes for, 25% against and 25% abstaining.

This is the third and final term as First Voice for Yang Xiong who was due to step down in 10 months time.

Parliament is adjourned for 4 days when they will reconvene to nominate and elect a new First Voice. Yang Xiong and his cabinet will continue in a caretaker capacity until then.


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