Editorial on the First Voice Crisis


Even before Yang Xiong's explanations for his step down at the press conference after the parliament session, the mood on the ground has visibly swung in the opposite direction. Where once the protestors were quick to lay the blame for all their troubles at Yang Xiong's feet, many fingers are now pointed at the fractious Houses with some Houses in particular getting the lion's share. Yang Xiong's emotional speech to the press has struck a chord with many a citizen, the outpouring of support from the polls and grassroots have been overwhelming. Already, apart from a few isolated incidents, the rioting and violence has stopped and more than half the protestors have dispersed with the remaining confined to Wansheng street.

Much has been written about the reasons and causes that lead to the current situation and I don't have anything else to say that has not been said a dozen times by numerous people. I want to talk about the miasma of uncertainty that seems to have taken hold of Xing Cheng as everyone asks the same question, who will be the next First Voice?

Potential candidates abound among the Houses, already pundits are favouring one of the merchantile or commercial Houses, traditionally seen as the compromise between the Council of the Military and the Council of Shi. And yet I wonder whether a candidate of a different calibre is called for this time amidst one of the greatest political crisis on Xing Cheng in recent memory. It is an open secret the Council of Military and Council of Shi has increasingly not seen eye to eye on many policies especially domestic ones. With the recent agreements and ongoing negotiations with the rest of the Ten Worlds and the current delicate situation with some foreign powers, a clear message must be sent not only to Xingchengnese but to all other nations that we are a united people, with a common vision, a common will. We can ill-afford to be seen to be dviided at the time like this.

I will miss Yang Xiong's and his easy manner. He has served Xingcheng well impressing many with his friendliness and intelligence. He pushed through important policies and was unafraid of speaking up for unpopular ones and making some enemies. When Xingcheng was embroiled in war not of our making, he was a resolute leader and a rallying point for the people. He has set a high standard for his sucessor. Let's hope the next First Voice can live up to them.


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