Guo Yonghe, the new First Voice

In an extra-ordinary parliamentary session, Guo Yonghe has been elected by majority vote among the Houses as Xing Cheng's 13th First Voice since the formation of the Republic.jointly nominated by the Council of Military and Council of Shi, only 2 other candidates nominations were accepted and Guo Yonghe won with 73% of the votes.

The official swearing-in ceremony will be conducted tomorrow and FV Guo will be announcing his new cabinet immediately after. It is expected most of the existing Ministers will receive appointments in the new cabinet although there are hints of minor changes.

The public response is overwhelmingly positive, FV Guo status as a war hero and his handling of the protestors at Wansheng Street. Cries of "Yonghe" has been taken up as a chant on the streets and what were scenes of protests just days ago are turning into ones of celebration.

At a press conference late in the evening, Guo gave thanks to many parties including Yang Xiong. "I am both deeply honoured and humbled by my nomination and election as First Voice. I am very grateful to Yang Xiong for his mentorship and help he offered when I needed it most." In a rousing end he touched on the need for Xingchengnese to stick together. "We have come a long way in sixty years, I do not know what the next sixty will be like, but I am confident we will face it with the same steadfastness and unity our forebears did."

At 42 years of age, Guo Yonghe is the second youngest person ever to take the office of First Voice. Guo Yonghe is related to Grand Marshal Bao Zhou on the maternal side of the family. Guo Yonghe chose to serve as an officer in the Celestial Navy after graduating from Xingjing University with a Masters in Civil Engineering. He served with distinction for many years until Lu Han incident for which he was bestowed the Medal of Honour and promoted to the rank of Commodore. The same battle however also made him unfit for frontline duty and rather than take a deskbound appointment, at the invitation of the former FV Yang Xiong, Guo joined the Diplomatic Corps and has been off-world for much of the past 2 years in his duties. He returned less than 2 months ago to take up appointment as a junior Voice in the House of Diplomats and for the past days has been instrumental in controlling the chaotic situation on the streets. Guo is married to Kim Juyeon for the past 17 years. They have no children.


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