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Shadows over Angers - Part 4

This continues from Shadows over Angers - Part 3 Scene 13 - To the Train Station Pierre drove the motor-car swiftly down the street and presently came up to the alley where the ambulator was parked. Stopping the motocar behind it, he carried Marie into the back of the ambulator and did he best to staunch the bleeding with what equipment he had. His initial assessment suggested Marie was very lucky and the shot did not hit any vital organs or major arteries. Pierre did what he could to stop the bleeding then drove the ambulator towards the train station in the hope that he would not get spotted in the encroaching darkness. Reaching there he realised his plan to leave Angers by train or road is dashed as the local constabulatory has already set up roadblocks and is checking on passengers departing by train. Joseph obviously had the same idea as Pierre spotted him and got him into the ambulator before they were seen. Heading back to the house seemed the best thing for now. Pierre ho