Dust - Allied Ranger Platoon

Allied Ranger Platoon

Command (Required)
Bazooka Joe aka Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Brown
Ranger Command Squad Unit
Johnny One Eye aka Lieutenant John Coviello

Combat Unit 1 (Required)
Ranger Heavy Weapon Squad
Ranger Weapon Squad
Ranger Combat Squad
Ranger Recon Squad

Combat Unit 2 (Required)
Unit Choice Same as Unit 1

Combat Unit 3 (Required)
Unit Choice Same as Unit 1

Support Units 4+ (Optional)

Allied Ranger Units are the backbone of all ASOCOM military operations. These elite soldiers are among the best on the planet. They have the most advanced equipment money can buy and are exceptionally well trained

Every Ranger knows that hundreds of millions of civilian's freedom depends on them, and that every one of them supports the Rangers in any way they can: The Rangers are truly the heroes of this grand league of nations.

SUPPORT UNITS The Rangers can call on a wide range of support. They bring in specialist Ranger Assault Squads and Attack Squads equipped with flamethrowers for city fighting. These are often accompanied by M7 Heavy Assault Walkers like the tough Punisher or the Fireball napalm-thrower.

When called on to defend a position, they call up snipers, backed up by lethal M5 Bulldog and Six-Shooter Heavy Destroyer Walkers. The versatile M3 series of Medium Combat Walkers, such as the Pounder Anti-Tank Walker, are commonly found with the Rangers.


The Ranger's motto is "Rangers Lead the Way" and they always attempt to live up to it by leading any alliance and always being the first to relieve beleaguered comrades. If Rangers are coming, you know they be there soon!

All Ranger (but not Heavy Ranger) Units in or supporting a Ranger Platoon gain the Scout Skill. In addition, if they are held in Reserve, they roll one extra die when rolling for one of these Units to arrive on the play area.


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