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Here are the RTZ rules and guidelines for play.

1. Unified Save Rules are in effect. Note the small rules update to Steel Guard Saves and Zombies with regard to Saves.

2. The following units gain the Heavy Duty skill. It is not an exhaustive list; do let us know if we have missed out any! The main purpose of Heavy Duty (Structural Save) is to better reflect the hardiness of certain units for campaign play.

All Gorilla Units
All Heavy Grenadier Units in power armour

All Heavy Ranger and Heavy Commando Units in power armour (including Heroes)
Steel Marines

None at the moment.

None at the moment.

3. All walkers of the following Blocs with armour class 2-4, which do not have Damage Resilient gain the Partial Damage Resilient skill:

Units which already have Damage Resilient ignore this rule.

4. Each Player must field a Faction army (at least 75% Faction, up to 25% Bloc as per the rules) or a Bloc army (as per Dust 1947 rules). The army does not gain 10% AP bonus for being a Faction or Bloc army. The Bloc exclusive rule for creating armies still apply. Not all Factions are available due to the theatre of operation. See point 10.

6. Players must field a legal Platoon for their Faction or Bloc Enhanced Army. This Platoon is known as the Primary Platoon and must persist from campaign turn to campaign turn. The composition of the Platoon can change as long as it is still a legal Platoon. The army can take on any number of additional Platoons within the rules of creating an army. These additional Platoons can change from turn to turn.

7. A player can choose to discard his existing army and start over every new campaign turn. He does not retain any bonuses or upgrades gained by his previous army; they were specific to the army.

8. Unless a vehicle type or Unit is specifically named in the card, all Units with Ace Pilot (Pilot) can only pilot vehicles armour class 4 and below.

9. Infantry Units can only use 1 Ranged Weapon and 1 CC Weapon per model per Attack or Sustained Attack. Heroes and Vehicles can use all of their Weapons per Attack or Sustained Attack.

10. Excluded or Modified Factions
The following factions are excluded or modified:

Allowed but they do not count as a true NDAK army, merely part of 2nd FußPanzer Grenadier Division, “Leibstandarte Erwin Rommel,” as such, NDAK army fielded do not qualify for any platoon advantages but must still field a Primary Platoon from NDAK that confers no advantages. If taking Bloc units they do not qualify for any Bloc Platoon Advantages either.

Allies Desert Scorpion
Not Allowed

11. Hero Commander Each Force must be lead by a Hero Commander based on the following Hero Archetypes for each Bloc/Faction. Players must choose one and keep it till the Force is retired.

12. Limited Heroes. The following Heroes from each Bloc cannot be chosen. Some are simply not present at Zverograd, at least not at the start of the campaign. Others may be assigned by HQ on a campaign turn basis to assist a specific army. They are not necessarily available all the time. The same Hero should not be assigned to more than one Force per campaign turn.

For the other Heroes when they are deployed to the field, while they are still limited to one per Force, they are not the same person. Players are encouraged to make up names for them.

The Bloody Baron
Tina And Hyäne

Bazooka Joe
Captain Ledger
Machete Mack
OZZ 117
Sergeant Victory

Iron Joe
Red Ace
Winter Child

13. Height Difference and Close Combat 
Normally units on different height levels (Range 1 or greater) cannot CC each other. This can lead to a situation where Units can never CC a Unit at a different elevation due to lack of space on the same level.

Units can still CC by taking a Move Action to attempt to move into the target area (square) and taking an Attack/Sustained Attack Action for Close Combat only.

If the attacking unit destroys the target Unit they must enter and occupy the target area. If they did not, they fall back into the adjacent area (square) they attacked from. They are always considered at different Height levels until CC is resolved.

a) The Move Action can be a March Move provided the Attacking Unit has an Action left to engage in CC. For example, using Charge skill or having 3 Actions.

b) The Move Action must have enough Range to move the Attacking Unit into the Target square from where they are at the start of the Unit's Activation. The Move Action must be a legal move and terrain restrictions still apply.

c) I Have the High Ground. Defending Unit at a higher elevation in CC gains First Strike. Does not apply if the attacking Unit has Flying. If the attacking Unit also has First Strike, both First Strike skills cancel out.

14. Height Advantage 
Target Units at least Range 1 higher than the attacking Unit gain Cover Save. Target Units at least Range 1 lower than the attacking Unit loses Cover Save and has to re-roll Infantry Saves.

Height Advantage only applies for engagement at Range 3 or less.

This replaces the Height Advantage rule in Dust 1947.

More rules to come for the campaign proper!

Rules pertaining to RTZ: Ground Zero

1. Each Table is 200AP per side and considered one Army for list creation purpose. You can play a 2v2 game by dividing each side into 2 adjacent command Zones through bisecting the table in half (or as determined by the referee) such that each player controls one Zone against his opposing player. Each side can choose how they wish to divide up the 200AP between the 2 Zones. We suggest a division of roughly equal number of Units but the choice is up to the players and common sense.

2. Every turn, each zone will take care of its own Initiative and Unit Activations. Both Zones must wait for the other zone to finish before continuing on to the next turn.

3. Within each command Zone, Units cannot target, attempt Special Actions, or otherwise attack Units in another Zone. Any area effect weapon is considered to have no effect outside of its own Zone. Special Abilities that affect Units have no effect outside the Zone as well. For example, Frank von Stein's platoon rule.

4. A Unit can move into an adjacent zone. A Unit is considered moved to an adjacent Zone if the entirety of the Unit is in the Zone. In the Activation where the Unit moves to an adjacent Zone, the Unit cannot take any Actions except a Move or March Move Action. It cannot be reactivated for the remainder of the turn. It can be targeted by Units of the new Zone for an attack. Any units they carry are considered Activated as well and cannot be reactivated. At the start of the next turn the Unit (and any Units it is carrying) is now under the command of the zone he is in.


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