Red Ace

Red Ace

Lieutenant Eva Koroutchenko
“The Red Ace” – 3rd Guard Assault Aviation Division, 2nd SSU Air Fleet
Notable History: Order of Glory – 1946, Order of the Patriotic War – 1946, Born 1924 in Vladivostok, USSR

The youngest rising star in the SSU, Lieutenant Koroutchenko is already a legend. She is famous throughout the bloc for her emerald eyes and short dark hair; every young man in the SSU keeps a picture of her near his heart for good luck and to protect him from harm. 

Eva is the new “poster girl” for the SSU Air Army, a role in which she excels. She’s also a hell of a pilot who has already scored more than 30 air victories in her short career. With time and luck she may outperform the most famous pilots of the bloc. She works very hard towards this goal, persistently learning everything she can about flying. Axis pilots on the western front have already put a large bounty on her head; they need to destroy this dangerous pilot as quickly as possible. Eva’s wingmen do their best to protect her while trying to maintain her pace! 

Along with her new position as an ace, Lieutenant Koroutchenko received secret prototype from Comrade Stalin himself during a massive ceremony at Red Square.

This new machine was modified according to Eva’s specific mission needs, and is much more maneuverable than any other flying vehicle in the SSU. It also has more firepower. Currently deployed near Zverograd with her unit, Eva will ensure that any force approaching the city
pays a heavy price.


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