Commissar Captain Nikolaï Dimitrievich Starinov
“Nikolaï” – 9th Guards Heavy Tank Division “The Steel Cossacks,” Red Army

Notable History: Hero of the SSU – 1946, Order of Lenin – 1945, Order of Red Star – 1945, Order of the Patriotic War – 1942, Born 1910 in Sevastopol, USSR Nicknamed “The Red Bear,” comrade Starinov is a rising star of the SSU Army. He has fought for his country since the German assault on the Motherland in 1941. Since then he has taken part in all the toughest fights of the Great Patriotic War.

Nikolaï is one of the few people in the SSU with the distinction of being both a Commissar and an Army Officer at the same time. His incredible feats of heroism have earned him this unique position, which gives him more authority then a general on some occasions. When Nikolaï speaks, even in the Kremlin, everybody listens.

An excellent tank commander, Nikolaï Starinov now commands the first armored company of the 9th Guards Heavy Tank Division. It is mostly composed of heavy “Fury of Ivan” walkers. This division currently boasts the highest kill ratio of the SSU Army. Starinov himself commands the heaviest tank
available in the SSU: the huge IS-5A “Karl Marx”. With it Nikolaï has destroyed all the beasts that
invaded his homeland, including Tiger and Panther tanks, and Elephant tank destroyers. He has no fear of the walkers he may face in battle. He knows his vehicle is not as maneuverable as others, but none can match his resilience and raw firepower. Starinov currently oversees all armored operations in the Zverograd sector. He visited the famed city before the war and loved it, as would any Russian patriot. Seeing it in ruins broke his heart. Now his only goal is to make the invaders suffer for their actions.


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