Allies - Combined Rangers Platoon

Combined Rangers Platoon

Command Unit (Required)
Ranger Command Squad OR Heavy Ranger Command Squad

Combat Unit 1 (Required)
Ranger Heavy Weapon Squad OR Ranger Weapon Squad OR Ranger Combat Squad OR Ranger Recon Squad

Combat Unit 2 (Required)
Heavy Ranger Attack Squad OR Heavy Ranger Tank-Hunter Squad

Support Units (Optional)
Any units under Combat Unit 1 or Combat Unit 2

If the Allied Ranger Units form the backbone of ASOCOM, the Heavy Rangers are the steel punch that delivers the killing blow Drawn from the already elite ranks of the Allied Rangers, these soldiers, defend the Free World using the latest technology available.

The long drawn out fighting in Zverograd has lead ASOCOM to develop a new platoon structure that mixes Ranger and Heavy Ranger units into an even deadlier combination.


The Rangers make lightning attacks and occupy strategic ground while their support troops follow up, trapping enemy forces between the 'hammer' and the 'anvil'.

All Ranger (including Heavy Ranger) Units in or supporting the Platoon; if they have the Scout skill gain Camouflage, if not, gain the Scout Skill.


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