Shadows Over Angers - Part 3

Part 3 is dedicated to Andreas Wein. This continues from Shadows Over Angers - Part 2

Scene 10 - Back at the Cathedral
Back at the cathedral Father Andre escorted them to the refectory to provide some refreshments for the group. There they were met with a nun, Sister Marie who was acquainted with Joseph. Pierre narrated what happened leaving out any mention of demons. Father Andre then presented to Pierre a black box contain the pistol he requested for with 2 clips of ammunition.

A novice arrived to advise Father Andre of a commotion out the front who left the group to investigate. Harumi and Sister Marie decided to follow to see what the fuss was about. They peeked out see Father Andre in agitated conversation with a group of gendarmes. They could just make out a man identifying himself as Chief Inspector Lauvin who wanted to arrest persons matching the description of Pierre, Joseph and Harumi for the murder of Eric Gilbert.

Hurrying back they related this to the others and they deduced they have been framed and should run. Sister Marie brought them to a hidden chamber with a fake fireplace that leads down a passageway. Following the winding passageway they end up at a trapdoor. Hearing footsteps from behind they quickly exited the trapdoor and found themselves in a courtyard.

Scene 11- The Secret Room in the House
They moved up to the house and knocked on the door. An old woman who couldn't see too well answered. She recognised Marie's voice and let the group in. Marie then gave some instructions to the old lady before leading the group to a secret room where the group waited in silence. Soon muffled conversations could be had and footsteps could be heard pacing the house and coming closer and closer to the room. After a while they grew fainter and then silence.

There came a specific knock and Marie opened the door to reveal the old lady telling them the gendarmes are gone. They came out and saw through the curtains of the front windows that 2 gendarmes were standing around the trapdoor in the courtyard.

Seated around the kitchen they debated on their next course of action. They decided they had to know more about the situation and try to get in touch with Father Andre. Knowing the gendarmes will be looking for persons matching the description of Pierre, Joseph and Harumi they decided to disguise themselves.

Marie gave her habit to Harumi to better disguise her oriental look while she herself changed into an old set of clothes. Unknown to the others she strapped a pair of pistols to thigh holsters which were concealed beneath her skirt. Joseph changed out of his priest clothes and used shoe polish to blacken his hair while Pierre whitened his hair with flour and dressed like an elderly man.

Scene 12a To the Pub
Joseph and Pierre made their way to a pub near the river to try find out news about what is going on. They see gendarmes patrolling but their disguises held. In the pub they sat in a corner nursing their drinks while picking up conversations from others.

Most of the talk was about the murder of Eric Gilbert who was found with his throat slitted with a surgeon's scalpel in an abandoned house. Witnesses saw persons matching the general description of Joseph, Pierre and Harumi leaving the scene of the crime. They also learned that Father Andre has been taken in for questioning.

Scene 12b Back to the Cathedral
Meanwhile Harumi and Marie made their way to the cathedral to find gendarmes patrolling outside the cathedral and stopping people from entering. Marie made an excuse and they let Marie and Harumi go in after a cursory glance.

Once in the cathedral Marie spoke to a novice who told them Father Andre was taken away for questioning. They decided to leave and manage to make it out the gate when one of the gendarmes whom they brushed up against took a closer look at Harumi and became suspicious. He tried to grab Harumi but was stopped by Marie who berated him for trying to man-handle a nun. Not knowing what to do he called his colleagues and they started to move towards the women. The women tried to walk away quickly who were called back by the Gendarmes where they made to draw their firearms.

At this point the agitated Marie whipped out a pistol from beneath her skirt and pointed it at the gendarmes while trying to pass the other pistol to Harumi. Harumi refused and Marie shot at the gendarmes managing to wound one in the hand. The other two fired their pistols, Marie let out a cry and fell to the ground wounded.

Scene 12c Pierre to the Rescue
Meanwhile Pierre and Joseph had left the inn and walked to the Cathedral just in time to see a wounded Marie on the ground and Harumi being held by the gendarmes. Pierre asked Joseph to return to the inn and try to get away if he did not return within two hours while he went forward to see if he could save the women.

Speaking with an old man's voice Pierre engaged the gendarmes in conversation and claimed to know how to treat wounds. They let him attend to Marie and he tore some cloth to bound her wounds. He manage to convince the gendarme guarding Marie to go get some bandages and medicines. Then he asked for one of the gendarmes holding Harumi to come give him a hand.

Harumi, no longer being restrained by two men, saw her chance and broke away from the remaining gendarme. She nimbly disappeared into the darkness before the men can catch her, one of them fired a shot and gave chase. Pierre saw his chance as well and hurriedly carried Marie to a motor-vehicle by side of the road. He opened the passenger door and placed Marie inside. At this point the remaining gendarme called out for him to stop, and Pierre hurriedly got into the car and as luck would have it manage to find the key in the car and drove off.


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