Allies Units

Allies Units

Here is a list of all known units within the Allies bloc. Details such as background, alternate names and stats can be found by clicking on the unit name (This is a work in progress).


Action Jackson
Bazooka Joe
Bull's Eye
Captain Ledger
Crazy Jimmy
Di Giorgio
Diver (DS)
Diver (USMC)
Gregory and Izzy
Johnny One-Eye
Machete Mack
Machete Mack
OZZ 117
Sergeant Victory
The Chef
The Priest


Allied Heavy Commando Battle Squad
Allied Heavy Commando Kill Squad
Bravo Company Ranger Command Squad
Desert Scorpions Heavy Engineer Squad
Desert Scorpions Heavy Kill Squad
Desert Scorpions Sniper Squad
Dual Field Phaser
Dual Field Phaser (Bunker)
Field Phaser
Field Phaser (Bunker)
Heavy Ranger Assault Squad
Heavy Ranger Attack Squad
Heavy Ranger Command Squad
Heavy Ranger Tank-Hunter Squad
Ranger Assault Squad
Ranger Attack Squad
Ranger Combat Squad
Ranger Command Squad
Ranger Heavy Mortar Squad
Ranger Heavy Weapon Squad
Ranger Observer Squad
Ranger Recon Squad
Ranger Sniper Squad
Ranger Weapon Squad
USMC Anti-Tank Squad
USMC Assault Squad
USMC Close Assault Squad
USMC Command Squad
USMC Demolition Squad
USMC Fire Squad
USMC Heavy Engineer Squad
USMC Heavy Machinegun Squad
USMC Heavy Mortar Squad
USMC Observer Squad
USMC Reconnaissance Squad
USMC Rifle Squad
USMC Sniper Squad
USMC War Dogs Recon Squad

Allied Medium Combat Walker Platoon
Allied Ranger Platoon
Allied Heavy Ranger Platoon
Allied Taskforce Rhino Platoon
Heavy Commando Paratrooper Platoon
Allied Heavy Destroyer Platoon
USMC Rifle Platoon
USMC Heavy Assault Walker Platoon
USMC Taskforce Diver Platoon

Variant Platoons
Allied Combined Rangers Platoon
Allied Light Assault Walker Platoon


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