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X-Wing: A Look at Elite Pilot Talents - Part 2

Written by Desmond Lau

Veteran Instincts (VI)
What it does
It helps you win Pilot Skill fights when it matters.
Who wants it
This upgrade is popular with PS8 pilots like Corran and Poe, pushing them to PS10. It so happens that Soontir, Vader and Han are PS9, and it is a great deal being able to beat these arc-dodges. This in turns causes some PS9 pilots to want to take it to prevent the PS8 pilots from beating it. Going up to PS10 guarantees that you can beat the PS9 Soontir Fel, as it would be insane to play Soontir without Push the Limit.
There is one pilot that would always want Veteran Instinct, and that is the Whisper (Phantom). With Advanced Cloaking device, it wants to shoot as early as possible so that it can cloak for the return fire. VI brings Whisper up to PS9, so VI could be the difference between victory and defeat against ships like these.
How good is it
From very good, to useless. Equipping Veteran Instincts is basically a meta-game call. Beating Soontir Fel or Whisper&#…

X-Wing: A Look at Elite Pilot Talents - Part 1

Written by Desmond Lau
A look at Elite Pilot Talent (EPT) Getting started with squad building can be quite a daunting task with so many options available. But there are certain fundamentals, which, once understood, help you to build your own squad on the back of these fundamentals. It is just like cooking - while there are infinite number of recipes to use and discover, there are some fundamentals of ingredients usage that guides a good chef in his quest for excellence and innovation. In the first article, we will take a look at Elite Pilot Talents. What ships have the EPT upgrade slot? Elite Pilot Talents are usually available to most (but not all) named Pilots, commonly known as "Aces". They are also available on some of the more manuverable unnamed pilots ships, like A-wing, T-70, TIE fighters and Interceptors. Slower ships like Y-wing or K-wing do not have an Elite Pilot Skill. The EPT slot is a very valuable slot, and its absence devalues the pilot relative to other pi…

SOG Rookie Tourney Jan 2016 Results

We ran an X-Wing Rookie Tourney on 24th January, our regular SOG session and it went great! Video highlights of the event can be seen here:

A total of 16 players took part in 3 Swiss rounds, and the results are below. We hope everyone had a good time and we look forward to running another rookie tourney in the near future. Stay tuned!

Round 1 1: HM Heu VS Yazid - Match Results: Yazid is the winner 0 to 100 2: Ming Zheng VS Stephen Kurisanto - Match Results: Stephen Kurisanto is the winner 15 to 100 3: Amir VS Jason Tai - Match Results: Amir is the winner 39 to 29 4: Weihan Huang VS Nicklaus Foo - Match Results: Nicklaus Foo is the winner 35 to 40 5: Joshua Leong VS Heah Khim Yong - Match Results: Heah Khim Yong is the winner 21 to 50 6: Howard Hung VS Nicholas Teo - Match Results: Nicholas Teo is the winner 34 to 77 7: Xian Yong VS Leos Ng - Match Results: Xian Yong is the winner 100 to 12 8: Lester Lim VS Dominic Chong - Match Results: Lester Lim is the winner 49 to 42 Round 2 1: Ya…

Gamer of Interest: Dominic Huang

In this edition of GoI we caught up with Dominic Huang, a game designer and maverick. He has run a few kickstarters, is an avid gamer and always on to the next project.

Tell us more about what you do for a living.

DH: I am a level 42 paladin... okay, okay... I was an entrepreneur who started a restaurant, a chemical business, and an online retail. After selling them for profits, I went on to work in the corporate world that included management level at Lenovo and a Head of Sales at a local IT firm. I recently got a job at Nielsen as a Business Manager. I made great friends in the US who loved my matrix balance skills and brought me into places like Fantasy Flight and Hasbro. I then free lanced my game designing hobby for some of the biggest titles in the industry, including PS4 games and board game conversions like Armagallant and even recently - a PC Steam game called Battle for Empyrean. Watch out for it~! It's really very cool.

What lead you to this less typical career?

DH: On o…

Announcing the SOG Star Wars: Armada League 2016!

SOG Star Wars: Armada league 2016

We are happy to announce the start of the SOG Armada League 2016, Spring season! Read on for more details.

The goals of the SW:A league are as follows:
1. Grow the community of SW:A players and encourage fraternity that is non-venue centric (play anywhere you like).  2. Encourage more plays of SW:A among the community 3. Encourage AARs and other forms of reporting and sharing of the games they played with the community. 4. Promote social gaming in Singapore through SW: A.
The league will be complementary to the regional and national level FFG organised play competitions, and another path for players to partake of the Star Wars: Armada experience. Anyone of any experience and skill level can join, the main aim is to fraternise with the SW: A community.
The league will run for two seasons a year. with spring season starting now and ending sometime in April. The exact end date will be announced in March. Autumn season will likely start sometime in June/J…

Month in Review - Dec 2015 and what's in store next!

December was a hectic month as for the first time, we held two SOGs in a single month. Moving forward, SOG will be on the second and fourth Sunday of every calendar month, baring clashes with national events. We look forward to having more gamers join us, and spread the joy of tabletop gaming to more people.

We also played host to two tourneys on the 27th Dec session. Both ended on a high and we put out a teaser video the very next day!

Photos for the 13th Dec session can be found here.  We were happy to have had the creators of Wongamania: Banana Economy present to demo their game while their Kickstarter was ongoing. We are very happy to report their Kickstarter was successsfully funded!

For more on the 27th SOG session, read on.

Flames of War Beginners' Tourney

First up was the Flames of War Beginners' Tourney, catered, as the name suggests, to newcomers in Flames of War. It saw ten players, along with their very enthusiastic mentors in tow, compete in the first FOW tourney …

SOG Star Wars: Armada League 2016 Table of Results

SOG Star Wars: Armada League 2016 - Spring Season

The League is in season and therefore results will be updated as they come in.


110Alexander Yeo321430202
103Joshua Leong330198203
109Mark Cordiner321317194
108Dickson Vooi32163185
107Darren Tan32130156
101Tet Hong Chia312244147
104Soh Ming Jian31210139
106Asmizal Ahmad312401110
105Asmadi Bin Ahmad3030711
111Nick Chhan0000012
112Yeow Choon Hong0000013
113Cruiser 271000000

SOG Star Wars: Armada League 2016 - Autumn Season

Not in season yet

SOG Star Wars: Armada League 2016, rules and format

The SOG Star Wars: Armada League is a casual tier league featuring Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Armada, a fleet level starship game set in the Star Wars universe.

Mission of the League

1. Grow the community of SW:A players and encourage fraternity that is non-venue centric (play anywhere you like).  2. Encourage more plays of SW:A among the community 3. Encourage AARs and other forms of reporting and sharing of the games they played with the community. 4. Promote social gaming in Singapore through SW: A
Tier of play

The league is casual and the emphasis is on a fun and friendly atmosphere. We expect all members to adhere to the game rules and to bear the spirit of sportsmanship in mind. Any sanctioned tournaments will be at a competitive tier of play and the TO ruling and instructions within the tournament is final.


The league will always use the latest available rules for SW: Armada downloadable here. In addition, tournament rules for setup and calculation of points are i…