Announcing the SOG Star Wars: Armada League 2016!

SOG Star Wars: Armada league 2016

We are happy to announce the start of the SOG Armada League 2016, Spring season! Read on for more details.

The goals of the SW:A league are as follows:

1. Grow the community of SW:A players and encourage fraternity that is non-venue centric (play anywhere you like). 
2. Encourage more plays of SW:A among the community
3. Encourage AARs and other forms of reporting and sharing of the games they played with the community.
4. Promote social gaming in Singapore through SW: A.

The league will be complementary to the regional and national level FFG organised play competitions, and another path for players to partake of the Star Wars: Armada experience. Anyone of any experience and skill level can join, the main aim is to fraternise with the SW: A community.

The league will run for two seasons a year. with spring season starting now and ending sometime in April. The exact end date will be announced in March. Autumn season will likely start sometime in June/July. The dates are to be determined. 

Within each season, members arrange matches among themselves in a double round robin format.  Matches are scheduled among the members themselves and can be played at any mutually agreeable location. In order to qualify for any of the awards and prizes, and a go at league champion, a member must have played at least ten matches. In addition we will have sanctioned tournaments where matches played, victory points and margin of victory are counted towards the season.

A league table will be maintained and updated twice a month.

We will have prizes (in 2016) for the following categories:

Spring winner
Spring Runner-up
Spring Sportsmanship Award
Spring Lucky draw
Spring Best AAR Award

Autumn winner
Autumn Runner-up
Autumn Sportsmanship Award
Autumn Lucky draw
Autumn Best AAR Award

League Champion (there will be a league champion trophy)
League Runner-up

The prizes are to be determined but we can expect them to be relatively attractive, depending on what sponsorship we can get! Astute readers will notice three of the awards in each season is not based on how well you did in the league. There is a chance for everyone to win something!

At the end of Autumn season, victory points from both seasons will be accumulated and the top four players will be invited to compete for the league championship in single elimination format to determine overall league champion.

In additon, both the league champion and runner-up will receive a Bye in the SOG SW:Armada Open Championship 2016 to be conducted in conjunction with SOGCon 2016.

So how does one become a member of the league? If you took part in the SOG SW: Armada Jakku tourney on 27th December last year, you already did! More information on those in the near future. 

If you missed out on the Jakku tourney but would like to jump into the league now you can do so simply by registering with the LO. Last day for registration is 7th February 2016.

All members of the league will receive a customised membership card that will proudly display their name, faction affiliation of choice and previous league awards, if any. We are still working on the card but here is a work in progress featuring yours truly:

Format and rules of the league can be found here. We are still working on the details so bear with us and check back often! Join the league now and bring peace and order to the galaxy!


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