Star Wars: Armada, Jakku Tourney 27th Dec 2015 Results!

We ran and concluded SOG's first Star Wars: Armada, the Jakku Tourney on 27th Dec 2015 at our usual SOG venue at Teck Ghee CC. It was a fantastic start to our 2016 Armada organised play events that saw ten players turn up to vie for the Jakku Tourney champion! We were all excited as this would be the first time Wave 2 ships features in a tournament!

The tourney was ran using FFG's latest tournament guidelines and rules FAQ released in December. There were three swiss rounds, each round players gained tournament points, with the cumulative total tournament points determining tourney winner. As per the tournament rules, the margin of victory is recorded (this proved important for this tourney).

The first swiss round kicked off at 1210hrs, followed by the second at 1430hrs and the last at 1700hrs. Each round is 135mins with time called approximately two hours in allowing every game to finish their current round regardless of how long that took.

The ten players were as follows, in no particular order:

Tet Hong Chia (Imperial Navy)
Fauzi (Imperial Navy)
Joshua Leong (Rebel Alliance)
Soh Ming Jian (Rebel Alliance)
Asmadi Bin Ahmad(Imperial Navy)
Asmizal Ahmad (Rebel Alliance)
Darren Tan (Imperial Navy)
Dickson Vooi (Rebel Alliance)
Mark Cordiner (Imperial Navy)
Alexander Yeo (Rebel Alliance)

For the first round, we matched Rebels against Empire fleet admirals as best we could, thereafter pairing was done via FFG tournament rules.

Round 1 Result

Players Win/Lose Margin of Victory Points

Table 1 Asmadi Bin Ahmad lose

Alexander Yeo win 177 8

Table 2 Darren Tan win 30 6

Asmizal Ahmad lose

Table 3 Dickson Vooi win 63 6

Soh Ming Jian lose

Table 4 Fauzi lose

Mark Cordiner win 317 9

Table 5 Tet Hong Chia lose

Joshua Leong win 40 6

Round 2 Result

Players Win/Lose Margin of Victory Points

Table 1 Mark Cordiner win 103 7

Alexander Yeo lose

Table 2 Soh Ming Jian lose

Asmizal Ahmad win 40 6

Table 3 Dickson Vooi lose

Joshua Leong win 74 7

Table 4 Fauzi win 128 7

Asmadi Bin Ahmad lose

Table 5 Tet Hong Chia win 244 9

Darren Tan lose

Round 3 Result

Players Win/Lose Margin of Victory Points

Table 1 Mark Cordiner lose

Joshua Leong win 84 7

Table 2 Tet Hong Chia lose

Alexander win 253 9

Table 3 Darren Tan win 130 8

Asmadi Bin Ahmad lose

Table 4 Fauzi lose

Soh Ming Jian win 10 5

Table 5 Dickson Vooi win 228 9

Asmizal Ahmad lose

Final Tourney Result

Players Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Points Total MoV

Tet Hong Chia 4 9 1 14 244
Fauzi 1 7 5 13 128
Joshua Leong 6 7 7 20 198
Soh Ming Jian 4 4 5 13 10
Asmadi Bin Ahmad 2 3 2 7
Asmizal Ahmad 4 6 1 11 40
Darren Tan 6 1 8 15 160
Dickson Vooi 6 3 9 18 291
Mark Cordiner 9 7 3 19 317
Alexander Yeo 8 3 9 20 430

Joshua and Alexander tied for tournament points, so we consulted the Margin of Victory for both players. Alexander had a higher total MoV, making him the winner of the Jakku Tourney!

Winner: Alexander Yeo
Runner-up: Joshua Leong

We also have a Sportsmanship Award which went to Tet Hong Chia! Tet Hong patiently assisted on rules clarifications for other games throughout the tourney and displayed good temperament and enthusiasm in helping others. In fact just about all players displayed examples of good sportsmanship, thank you everyone for making this a pleasant experience for all!

Sportsmanship Award: Tet Hong Chia

A shoutout goes out to Dickson Vooi for coming down all the way from Kuala Lumpur to take part in our tourney. A great player and hope this is the first of many trips!

Last but not least, a special mention to Darren Tan for generously contributing to the prize pool with official FFG ship cards. Darren is a talented illustrator who has worked with many popular games/universe IPs, including Star Wars and illustrated a number of the X-wing and Armada artwork for FFG. You can see find out more about his work here.

This was the first time SOG conducted a SW: Armada tourney. As organiser I take full responsibility for any inadequacies and mistakes made, and hope to improve next time! Thank you once again to everyone for participating, your patience and your kindness. We will be posting more photos and videos on our website and our Facebook page soon. Look out for our Armada League starting 1st Jan 2016!


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