SOG this Sunday 13th, Dec 2015 and it is warfare in the near-past and the distant future!

So a certain movie will be hitting the cinemas in a week. 

It is December, and the weather is a just a bit chillier (and if you are in Singapore, wetter), not a bad time to be indoors, and what better way to spend that time playing tabletop games! (I hear someone mention bedroom games; yes that is an option too, if you insist. I hear some variant uses Karma Sutra dice...) Also the Force will be awakening. Be prepared.

SOG@Teck Ghee is happening this Sunday and we have some interesting happenings!

We mentioned there will be a Dropzone Commander demo courtesy of Derek Ho. Dropzone Commander is a 10mm tabletop miniatures game set in the 27th Century where humans are fighting to regain their homeworlds overtaken by deadly parasitic aliens. Along the way, allies and foes aid or impede them, sometimes both!

In addition we will be having a Flames of War demo and full game as well courtesy of the local FOW enthusiastic players. Flames of War is of course the very popular WWII miniatures game in 15mm. The chaps plan to bring their fully painted armies along with lots of nice terrain so you can see why this is arguably the most popular WWII miniatures game in the world.

This Sunday we are in for a wargaming treat!

Our usual room, unit 02-03 will be occupied, but we are just next door at 02-02 and 02-01. Yes, moving forward, SOG will have more space than before for gaming!

Last but not least, starting from December and moving forwards, SOG will be happening on the second as well as the fourth Sunday of every month! Double the fun in a month!

We will have more new developments coming up and will keep everyone informed.

Can't wait to see everyone! Happy Gaming!


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