Dropzone Commander at SOG 13th Dec!

Written by Derek Ho

Join us this Sunday 13th December at SOG as Derek will be demoing Dropzone Commander!


As you gaze upon the table, the first thing that pulls the eye are the buildings of various shapes and sizes sprouting from a road network. On closer inspection, certain buildings are full of activity: people fighting in close quarters to secure crucial objectives. But the frenetic battle is not just within their walls, as dropships hover nearby deploying men to reinforce the action happening in the buildings and armoured vehicles to stop their opponents from doing the same. Gunships and fast moving interceptor aircraft prowl the corridors between the buildings, engaging in cat-and-mouse games with the anti-aircraft weapons stationed below. If this sounds like your kind of tabletop game, welcome to Dropzone Commander.

You join this universe in the earliest days of mankind's ambitious invasion to retake the central planets from the Scourge. Bloody battles and epic conflict awaits as races, generals and individuals take sides. Whether you're fighting for humanity, the Scourge or for your own ends is up to you!

Dropzone Commander (DzC) is a 10mm scale sci-fi tabletop wargame, devised for mass battles between two or more players. The rules are designed for efficient and dynamic games which can be played on a standard 4'x4' table (although larger tables work well also!).

The rules are based on an alternate activation system between battlegroups, which keeps the action constant and involving. Battlegroups are units that activate together. Army organization rules will guide you as to which units you can assign to be together.

Factions in Dropzone Commander

The Scourge entered human space almost without warning, driving humanity from Earth and its most valuable colonies—known as the Cradle Worlds—capturing millions of humans for hosts in the process.

Those humans who escaped to smaller colonies spent decades regrouping, reorganizing, and forming a new government called the United Colonies of Mankind (UCM). Their goal was to build a new military machine and use it to drive Scourge from humanity’s homelands once and for all.

But not all humans stand united. Many fled Earth prior to the Scourge invasion, heeding the warning of a strange alien A.I. known as the White Sphere, and heading for quadrants of space unknown. When, generations later, the rest of humanity encountered these lost brothers again, they discovered a new society known as the Post Human Republic (PHR)—a society melding man and machine, practically alien in their thinking and culture.

The final force in the conflict is the Shaltari—a race of diminutive humanoids that were the first alien species to make contact with humanity, and have an on-again, off-again relationship with us. Their methods and goals remain inscrutable. While their gate technology made it possible for mankind to reach out to the stars safely, they also tried to drag humanity into various intra-species wars and conveniently disappeared right before the Scourge arrived. So there’s a fair amount of lingering resentment between the races.


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