Building the Ultimate Gaming Table

As gamers at some point we all fantasise about having a dedicated gaming room where all our prized games and miniatures can be displayed and brought out to play at a moment's notice, with no kids, parents or spouses to disturb a Very Important Activity.  Our dedicated gaming room will of course have a custom made gaming table with tricks and little creature comforts that not only make it fantastic to game on, but also a place where non-gaming items like drinks and stuff can be kept out of the way safely yet within reach.

We can all dream and while a dedicated gaming room might not be feasible for most of us, a custom gaming table is a lot more achievable.

Check out what a fellow tabletop gamer has done.  What I especially like is how he integrated his TV /monitor into the gaming surface so that it sits flush. The stained wood surfaces are a nice classy touch although personally I would preferred painting it all black or a dark mahogany. The TV and the inner surface can be covered up so that you can use a flatter surface if required. And cup holders! Yeah!

If I am going to make any gaming resolutions for 2016 this might just be it!


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