Elite Dangerous: Now at a Black Friday sale price

One of the greatest virtual reality experiences around has just had its price slashed. We can now get the space flight/combat/trading/exploring sim/game Elite:Dangerous for just £9.99


Not sure how long the sales will last but I intend to pick up a copy for myself. I have been a fan of the original Elite and have put off getting a copy due to high price and the fact that the early reports were the game, while very good, wasn't quite ready for release. Now, nearly a year later the gaming is slowly maturing, and at this great price point I feel it is worth picking up.

Screenshot from Elite Dangerous
I spent many afternoons exploring the original 256 star systems (I never bought the inter-galactic hyperspace drive, so couldn't go to other galaxies) in vector drawn 3D graphics. Doesn't matter that the system's star/sun was just a round non-aliased circle in the space, and that ships were no more than polygonal shapes flitting around, the experience was immersive and deep.

screenshot from Elite Plus in 256 colours glory in VGA resolution

I don't think I ever reached Elite status on the originial Elite game, I did reach Dangerous and amassed a lot of credits, and my Cobra's Mark III's ass was iron hard, to use Elite universe parlance for a trading ship that has been outfitted with enough protection and firepower to go toe to toe with pirates and, if you insist, police Vipers.

Looking forward to hours of just learning how to fly and dock with a space station without scratching my paint job but actually venturing into the cold hard vacuum of space.



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