Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition - Rules Introduction Pt 2

In this next part I describe in some detail the Action Phase, which is where players will spend the bulk of their gaming time. There are four kinds of actions that can be executed:

1) Strategic Action
2) Tactical Action
3) Transfer Action
4) Action Card

A player can play #1 to #3 anytime when it is his turn in the Action Phase. Once you have Passed, you may not take any further actions in this phase.

Strategic Action

A player execute a Strategic Action by playing his Strategy Card. He first reads and then resolves the Primary Ability as printed on his Strategy Card. After the active player has finished resolving the Primary Ability, the other players may each spend one Command Counter execute the Secondary Ability of the current Strategy Card.

Tactical Action

It is during a Tactical Actions that you will move your fleets on the board,engage in space battles, transport your Ground Forces to new planets, build new units, etc. You activate a system by spending a Command Counter. You then strictly follow the sequence here:

1) Activate a system
2) Move ships into the system
3) PDS fire
4) Space Battle
5) Planetary Landings
6) Invasion Combat
7) Produce Units

Remember you activate a system where you want things to happen. You want your ships in system A to reach system B you activate B, not A. You cannot activate the same system twice.

For a visual picture of this refer to the TI3 rulebook pg 13.

Transfer Action

Its a special kind of Action that activates 2 adjacent units and allows you to freely reorganise your fleet between this 2 systems. Note that this 2 systems can only contain yout units (at least one).

Action Card

You can play an Action Card as an Action.


Lastly if you cannot or do not want to take any more Actions you can Pass. Once everyone has Pass you go on to the...

Status Phase

The Status Phase is easily learned during play so I shall not go into it either.


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