Dust Axis - Frank Von Stein

Frank Von Stein

Dust Axis - Florentine


Dust Axis - Christoph

Christoph Schultz

Dust Axis - Angela

Angela has more than one profile. See below for the different profile cards.

Since she was a child Angela was fascinated with weapons and armaments. She won several marksmanship medals in her youth before joining the Special Forces of the secretive Blutkreuz Korps. Her talents were discovered by Sigrid Von Thaler and now the two women are like sisters. Angela takes care of many special assignments for the Korps. She’s one of its deadliest assassins. Some even whisper that it’s her who killed a very special target. Whose death changed the course of history and put the BlutKreuz in charge of the whole Axis.

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Dust Allied Light Assault Walker Platoon

Allied Light Assault Walker Platoon

"The Light Assault Walker (LAW) chassis is one of the most commonly found in the grand Allied Army. These vehicles are usually used for reconnaissance mission or flank the enemy while heavier walkers do the heavy lifting. But they can be a potent strike force when deployed in numbers."

Command Unit (Required)
Any M1 Light Assault Walker

Combat Unit 1 (Required)
Any M1 Light Assault Walker

Combat Unit 2 (Required)
Any M1 Light Assault Walker

Support Units (Optional)
Any M1 Light Assault Walker

LAW pilots are considered slightly unhinged for being willing to go to war in a LAW in the first place; LAW platoons only recruit volunteers. LAWs have often been the saviour of many an infantry company when heavier support was unavailable. Over time veteran LAW pilots become one with their machines, gaining such control over the walkers, they could play football with it. The famed LAW platoon, the Hollywood Vipers remains the undefeated champion of LAW Fo…

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Here are the two scenarios for RTZ: Ground Zero on 11.11.2018 at SOGCon 2018

Scenario #1 Beach Assault It has been months since Allied forces occupied the sliver of a beach on the eastern bank of the Old Town region of Zverograd. This coastline while small, afforded a defensible position and proved impossible to dig out with artillery strikes or air bombing. It has proved immensely useful as the staging ground for the Ninth Army, namely the 4th Marines Division and the 8th Ranger Battalion, for their incursion into Zverograd. All that may change tonight as an Enemy has launched a surprise attack from the seaside, and intent on overwhelm the Allies with speed and firepower. Will they succeed or will the Allies hold?


1. Game lasts for 6 turns only.
1. Aircrafts cannot take or hold objectives.
2. Allies are the Defender in this scenario.
3. Gridless play

Allies have a Dual Phaser Bunker (or 2 for games over 125AP) which they can place at one or both ends of their beach and an…