SOG Game Highlight: Pandemic

This month we look at one of the most popular cooperative game of the 2000s, Pandemic. In this award-winning game for 1 to 4 players, there are four different deadly viruses threatening to engulf the world. Players take on the roles of operatives and researchers who will criss-cross the globe working together to contain and cure the infections.

Players take turns moving around the board and using their actions to attempt to contain and eradicate these hotspots. With each turn the outbreaks multiply and may spill over to other cities. As time goes on, epidemics will sprout up making it harder and hard to control. It is a balancing act for the players to keep the outbreaks under control while finding cures for each of them before it is too late. If players are able to cure all four diseases in time and keep the outbreaks under control, they will win the game.

Pandemic has relatively simple gameplay, yet it is a good representative of the cooperative genre where players must work together in order to win. With the disease spreading *every* turn, it is always tense and as the game progresses, desperation sometimes sets in, as the diseases comes close to being uncontrollable.

Highly recommended, do give it a try at the next SOG!


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